Rainbow Loom Organization

Chances are pretty good that if you have a pre-teen, you're familiar with Rainbow Loom.   

However, if you are among the uninitiated (as I was earlier this summer), take a moment to check it out HERE.  It's kind of a fun new twist (pun intended) on the friendship bracelet.  Except instead of tying knots in string, you use this loom:

Apparently someone is making a necklace.

And these colorful rubber bands:

To create fun jewelry:

My daughter would like you to know that this is merely a fraction of what she's made.
She tends to give her bracelets away as fast as she makes them.  

The problem is that all of those rubber bands don't come in neat, plastic jars.  Oh no.  They come in plastic bags.  And I would show you a picture of the plastic bags except that enthusiastic loomers tend to rip them open in excitement, scattering their contents everywhere.  

(Can you tell that happened here in this very house?  And can you also tell that it made me a wee bit grumpy?  Bonus points for you, my astute friend.)  

The good news is that all of that is behind us now that I've organized the bands into these neat, labeled containers.  

I used some clean plastic jars left over from another project and labeled the tops with my Silhouette.  Any jar will do, though, as will any type of label.  My daughter loves her new, more organized crafting supplies (just like mom's!) and I am thrilled to have tamed the Rainbow Band beast!



  1. Ohhhh my - I would have LOVED that when I was young. There was a (less cool) similar thing though that used small loops of cotton and you could make potholders or long ropes of out it. Love your organization here - moms everywhere breathe a sigh of relief. :)

  2. Que bonito tu blog, me gusta mucho y si me lo permites me quedo contigo.
    Un saludo.

  3. Oh how fun. A rainbow loom, huh? I've never seen that before. Probably a few years in my future. Thanks for the organization tips. I hope this continues to work!

  4. Okay, I just picked this up for my daughter's 13th b-day (today) and had no idea about the rubber ban mess. So now I need to get my mason jars in order! And labeled!!!

    Oh, and I must, must feature this on the Mason Jar blog too. Please? And I'd love to get it up this week what with the whole timely daughter's b-day gift thing ...

    Let me know, my friend!

    :) Linda

  5. my 5 year old daughter (who is already a internet whiz) sent me your article with the the subject line "we should make this at home).. we do rainbow loom like you and your daughter and its alot of fun.. but I am in rubber band hell and its nice to see some tips for getting it organized. I guess I would need to buy all the little jars though.

    1. Feel free to email me at elena@acasarella.net I might have some extra jars I could sell you. I could also do the labels for you and sell the whole thing as a custom order through my etsy shop (acasarella.etsy.com) if you're interested.


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