Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

And the present wrapping has officially commenced...

My go-to paper this holiday season is from The Dollar Store.  (Yes, you read that right.)

I was so excited to find rolls of Kraft paper at the Dollar store that I swooped in and picked up a dozen.

I love that, with the addition of a few office supplies (and maybe a sparkly embellishment or two)...

A roll of brown paper becomes something special.

And if you get really lucky (like I did when I found this velvet ribbon at Marshall's)...

You can really gussy things up.

So, I've got to ask:  what's your favorite paper this holiday season?



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  2. So pretty! My favorite gift wrap came from World Market last year. It looked a lot like this but had gnomes on it. It was precious. I love simple present wrapping with ribbons and tags.

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  3. I have to check out the dollar store. I love this!

  4. WOW. Your presents (and pictures) look AMAZING. Is that your real handwriting or is that picmonkey :). That velvet ribbon is beautiful...save it from being thrown away as gifts are being opened. Love everything about your presentation.

  5. How did I miss craft paper at the Dollar Store??? Total score on the ribbon from Marshalls too! 10 yards? 2 colors?? Awesome! Your packages are beautiful! Last year, after Christmas, I took a piece of every Christmas ribbon I had and bought paper to match it, so I'm excited to have all of that matchiness going on this year!

  6. Pretty packages!! :) Have a happy weekend! xo Holly

  7. Brown paper is my go to year round. It's so much fun. I love your ribbon that you chose. I did not know they sold it at the dollar store. I'm going to have to check that out. Thanks for sharing, Elena. :)

  8. Beautiful! This year there will be lots of presents wrapped in a pink/lime green combo, pink/silver combo, or just straight up pink. After nearly 10 years of Thomas the Train and GI Joe wrapping paper...pink is getting used as much as possible!


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