Pickle Jar Fish Bowl

Every so often, in the name of the blog, I bring home something that makes my family members scratch their heads.  

The most recent example was this one gallon jar of pickles.  I mean, there are only four of us.  How many pickles can we eat?

But I had a really good reason for buying all those pickles.  Earlier that week, at my favorite thrift,  I found a glorious-looking (empty) one-gallon glass jar. 

And my brain swam with the possibilities.

Then I looked at the price.  $6.00?!  The way I saw it, I could get my own jar at the grocery store for less than that AND it would be full of food!

Turns out I was right.  One trip to Smart & Final later and I had myself a gallon jar of pickles.  

Thankfully my kids (and their friends) love pickles.

In no time at all I had an empty jar....

...and a dream!

After removing the label (you can find instructions on that HERE), and soaking the jar in boiling water to clean it...

I did this:

That's right!  It's a Pickle Jar Fish Bowl!

I whipped up some "Here Fishie, Fishie, Fishie" stickers on my Silhouette and stuck them on.

Then it was just a matter of adding some rocks, some decorative plants...

...and a FISH!

Allow me to introduce you to the newest resident of `a casarella: Pickles the fish!

Isn't he pretty??

My girls were over the moon when they came home and found him.

I'll keep you posted on his progress as time goes on!



  1. How beautiful! If pickles doesn't make it the Mexican fighting fish last without filters they're very resilient. Brilliant idea!!

  2. Super cute & the weirdest post title ever at the same time!

  3. Oh that's great and I love the color of the plant in there!

  4. Too cute. I knew I saved those old gallon jars for something!

    1. Me too! My husband recently discovered my stash of jars in the garage and may or may not have accused me of hoarding ;)

  5. Hahaha!!!! I simply adore your here fishie fishie pickle jar aquarium!!!! And one gallon -- wow! I'd need to visit Costco to find one that big ...

    Pinning and FB sharing and all that other fun stuff!

    :) Linda

  6. Oh I LOVE up cycle projects! great idea. Check out my up cycled milk and juice jug project ;-)



  7. It looks fantastic, Im with you I reuse food jars as well. What a perfect fish size for a siamese fish as they dont need a lot of room to swim in apparently they use to survive in cow paddies when it rained! Just be sure to keep it near a warm spot in the house so the water doesnt get too cold otherwise they wont swim around much theyll sit on the bottom. I had that problem in a very cold house I lived in and moved it next to the window and it was fine after that :)

  8. Cute - and much cheaper then buying it from a pet store! Great idea!

    The Kitchen is My Dance Floor

  9. This is so cute! Lord Puckerlips III (our goldfish) would love this! I'll have to pin it and show it to hi later!

  10. What a cute idea. I love the reusing items. My favorite is your addition on "Here Fishie, Fishie, Fishie." Love that.

  11. As the owner of numerous Beta fish, I think this is a great idea and wish I would have thought of it after purchasing so many different vessels for fish.

    What is a Silhouette?

    1. A silhouette is a cutting device. Imagine a printer, but instead of writing on paper, it cuts it. Here's a link: http://amzn.to/ZqZJcc

  12. Loving Pickles the Fish's home! :) Pinning this to my DIY Pet Projects board! Simple fantastic, Elena!

  13. Loving Pickles the Fish's home! :) Pinning this to my DIY Pet Projects board! Simple fantastic, Elena!

  14. Totally love this!! I miss having a beta and this may give me a reason to go get pickles and a fish! you have to send this to Silhouette if you have not done so! I am pinning to my pet area (currently named 4 legged love=may have to rename that lol)

  15. Awww, and to think that I have just been using mine to store those 10 pound bags of sugar. This is soooo much more fun!

  16. That fish won't last 3 months. Why don't you set a good example for your kids and treat fish like pets, not decoration. I would reccomend you to do some reschearch about betta fish and to buy an appropriate tank with at least 5 gallons.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I did this one Christmas when we were on an extremely tight budget. I still have nightmares about the poor goldfish that died gasping for air. :-(

      Still this is a cute idea BUT I'd use artificial fish.

    2. Honestly, I always smile when I get these comments because that darned fish lived for over three years. I was super careful about keeping it clean. Maybe goldfish are different from beta fish... or maybe I had some sort of super-fish... but she was just fine in that jar...


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