The San Diego Vintage Flea Market!

Back in October, when I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market, I came back to San Diego wishing that we had something similar.  

Then, a few months ago, I heard about the fledgling San Diego Vintage Flea Market.    This past Sunday I was able to attend and boy am I glad I did.  

Admittedly, it can't compare to the Rose Bowl in terms of scale, but there was still plenty to look at and the quality of the merchandise was fabulous.  (Check out the eye candy below to see for yourself.)


These jars are the work of the talented ladies at Stitched.  Walking into their booth was like walking into your favorite Pinterest board:  it was filled with tons of vintage items, many of which had been repurposed or reinvented.  

I think this bird cage light fixture was also from the Stitched ladies, but I'm not 100% sure.  I had to include it though, because isn't it fun?!

The magnets below were from LottieHop's booth.  I just love the idea of repurposing old buttons as magnets.  The best news is that you don't have to live in San Diego to buy from her because in addition to selling at the market, she also runs an etsy shop (found HERE).

This next booth from The Salvaged Home was also totally swoon-worthy!  Check out the terrarium and the fun burlap wine bags.  (Or pick up your own at her etsy store, found HERE).

I do believe these rolling pins were hers as well, but I might be getting confused.  (There was just so much good stuff to look at.) 

Again, I'm not sure which vendor was displaying the vignette below, but isn't it fun?  I especially love the phone.   

The next seven pictures are all from the same booth.  I was a little obsessed with it and bought several items there.  Unfortunately the woman who ran the booth has no website or etsy shop to link to.  Her name is Karen and her wares were a-maz-ing!  

I mean seriously, check out these succulent arrangements (planted in old colanders).  If that isn't the mothership calling me home, I don't know what is,  (Check out my own succulents planted in thrifted milk glass found HERE.)

Or how about these guys planted in an old boot?  (Okay, it might actually have been a planter made to look like an old boot, but still, it's a whole lot of awesome!)

She also had this giant letter U which appears to have been decoupaged with old book pages (?)  If my name were Ursula, I would totally own that thing right now. 

Also seen in Karen's booth was this lovely vignette.  Check out the painted mason jar.  Looks like something right out of Mason Jar Crafts Love, doesn't it?  The stool was pretty nifty too.

I believe the items below were also from the same booth though, again, it was hard to keep everything straight.  

Of course, not everything was so shabby chic.  There was also plenty of mid-century modern goodness to drool over...

Not to mention vintage appliances painted in cool colors...

Vintage turquoise oven?  Yes please!

And y'all know how I like to recycle old frames.  (Wait, you don't?  Click HERE if you're interested.)

Much like at the Rose Bowl, there was no shortage of vintage suitcases...

And if you're going to buy a vintage suitcase, you need to have something to put in it...

Sold by Charlotte Del Rose

(Don't forget to pack your dead stock bikini.)

See at The Girl Can't Help It's booth.  Click HERE for their website.

('Cause if you're going to skip the housework in favor of Vegas, you want to look your best.)

This fun tray was being sold by the people who run the whole market.  You can check out their etsy shop HERE.

So that's it folks, just a small taste of the wares at the third San Diego Vintage Flea Market.  

(And you can bet all of your Vegas winnings that I'll be attending number four!)

To see what I actually purchased at the flea market, follow THIS link!



  1. You just made me want to come visit even more :)

  2. This looks awesome! I wish I had known about it. I've always wanted to do the Rose Bowl flea market. Gotta make the trip one of these days!

  3. Oh my gosh....that looks like heaven! Such a fun thing!

  4. I am going!! Look for me there! This looks so well curated...

  5. I love all the vignettes! But my absolute fav item from above would have to be that birdcage-turned-light-fixture. I love the color, the idea, and the crystals dangling from the bottom. It looks like you had a blast going through this flea market!


  6. My flea market is NOTHING like this! Nothing! I'm feeling supremely ripped off right now!

    (But thank you so much for showing these pictures - my brain is full of great ideas and inspiration right now. What a great trip!)

  7. Wish I could have been along on this outing. What wonderful things.

  8. I am so jealous, I have never been to a flea market like that. I love the succulents, my brother actually has done the show thing at his place :)

  9. We must have the same taste! I noticed most of those same items and booths and also swooned. I love how you describe Stitched as walking into a Pinterest board! That's perfect. That birdcage lamp was to die for.

  10. Bikini box from www.thegirlcanthelpit.com which you didn't link. We sponsor the vintage flea market & despite the heat people shopped til they dropped! Great day!

  11. Bikini box from www.thegirlcanthelpit.com which you didn't link. We sponsor the vintage flea market & despite the heat people shopped til they dropped! Great day!

  12. This flea market looks like a ton of fun and I LOVE all the photos! Thanks for sharing :)
    ~Katie @ Upcycled Treasures

  13. Elena when Amy comes to visit I'll come too. We can all go to this amazing flea market. Thanks for sharing all these amazing pictures. Sorry I missed it last week.

  14. My mom lives in San Diego and I didn't know about this! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  15. So many great treasures to be found! It is amazing the things you can find when visiting a flea market.

  16. great stuffs!! I like those jars!!

    van gogh

  17. Great post. Loved seeing all those fun items!


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