DIY Photo (or "Faux"Tow) Booth

Hello Readers!  

Remember way back (in my last post) when I talked about buying this?

Do you also remember the post before that where I talked about making these?

Well this weekend I put the two together to make a DIY Photo Booth for my daughter's "red carpet" 12th birthday party.  

The project was inspired by this pin.  (Original source found here.  Definitely take a minute to check it out!)

After removing the glass and the picture from the frame I added these hooks to the top of the frame.  It was pretty easy.  I just drilled two tiny holes and then screwed them in. 

Then I purchased a length of gold chain from Home Depot, strung it through my banister, and attached the ends to the hooks.

After that I added a backdrop.  Talk about jerry-rigged.  I took two plastic tablecloths, folded over a piece at the top of each one to make a pole pocket and then threaded a length of twine through.  I tied the ends of the twine to some Command Hooks and added a few thumbtacks for good measure.  (Thankfully we have textured walls/ceilings so the tiny thumbtack holes don't show at all.)

Since our guests were arriving after dark, I added a lamp to illuminate things a bit.  The entire set-up is pictured below.  

This is how it looked through my camera...

...And of course I was able to crop out the parts that fell beyond the curtain.

Naturally I removed the wire before our guests arrived.  

And here's the end result.  I have to say, the girls loved it!

And so did my husband.  Nice 'stache, honey!

Here's what things looked like behind the scenes.  Check out the paparazzi!

And be sure to come back later in the week for more birthday party madness!




  1. What a cute idea! I bet everyone felt super special getting their picture taken :)

  2. Oh! It´s really great!!! A very original idea! I love it :)

  3. This is SUCH a cool idea! We do photo booths at our artist markets/craft shows now...always so fun.

  4. So awesome - I know they had so much fun with this!

  5. ADORABLE. Love that you encouraged pictures being taken in such a fun and unique way. I am sure these pictures will be a favorite for years to come. AND, I love the rare glimpse at your family...the girls are both so beautiful (they must take after their mom) and the hubby so handsome.

  6. Oh I want to come pose too! What a fun project for her birthday celebration.

  7. Elena, that all turned out so great! You really had a great plan for that frame! Looks like everyone had fun with the photo booth! Love the accessories! Nice job! Can't wait to see the rest of the party!

  8. That is a fun idea! I'll be sharing this! ;)

  9. Great Job! I LOVE LOVE LOVE photo-booths! :)

  10. Hopping over here from For Love of Cupcakes. This is such a cute idea and so simple! How fun for a party. Thanks for sharing.

  11. LOVE this! Thanks for showing how to set it all up and linking up!!!

  12. How fun is that! Very cute!! I'm pinning this project. :)

  13. Okay, you really set the bar high when it comes to birthday parties! I will never, ever let my daughter read your blog!! Ha!!!

    :) Linda

  14. This is such a fun idea for a birthday party. =)

  15. What fun you have here! Love the idea of taking picture with the lovely frame.

  16. This sounds like a great birthday party! Hope all the V.I.P.'s {very important partiers} had a great time! Thanks for sharing the fun photo booth idea.

  17. Neat idea and it looks like it was enjoyed!

    Visiting through Bloom Designs,


  18. Oh my goodness how fun!! What a super idea! thanks for sharing at our Monday Funday party!

  19. I love this idea! I have the PERFECT OCCASION to try your idea. I wish I could pin it! You need it a PIN IT button. :)))

    1. Hi Anonymous!
      I hope you come back and read this reply since I have no way to contact you. If you scroll up, just above these comments you will see a Pin It button. I have one on every post!

      Elena :)

  20. Really Cute!! Might have to do something similar for my daughters upcoming Birthday!

  21. Super fun & creative!!!! Great for a party!!

  22. That's really super cute! You fun Mom! Thank you for sharing this at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  23. I love your photo booth! Thanks for sharing at Bacon Time.

  24. What a great idea. Love it! What a fun idea that would be for any type of party. The props are great too!!

  25. Another brilliant project! I'm pinning this one so fast! Thanks for sharing!

  26. So cute! I love the idea of a red carpet party too :) Good work.


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