Painted Sea Shell Earrings

Those of you who keep track of my whereabouts (hi mom!) probably noticed that I've been missing for awhile.

After school ended our family took a much needed vacation to Florida where we spent some time at the beach.

For my daughters, time at the beach means time collecting shells.  And when my younger daughter found these two shells with holes in the top, we decided to make a little gift for her sister.

So we got ourselves some needle nose pliers, some earring hangers and a bottle of silver spray paint.

It wasn't long before we had ourselves a pair of earrings:

And I'm pleased to tell you that my older daughter was as happy to receive them as my younger one was to give them.  Stay tuned for some additional seashell crafts coming your way soon!




  1. Hope y'all had a fantastic vacation! I was wondering where you were. :) You have such sweet daughters, making presents for each other.

  2. Those are so beautiful Elena!!!!

  3. What a great idea! Love the silver...very unexpected!

  4. They're great they look like real silver.

  5. Those are gorgeous! I never would have thought to spray paint them silver (which is hilarious, because I spray paint everything)!

  6. What an incredibly sweet and thoughtful gift. Good to see you back and posting!!!

  7. nice i will try to make these earring at my home

  8. I have lots of shells in my house, My G\F B'day at the corner I'm thinking I will give her surprise gift for shells earrings.. Your blog will help me lot.. Nice thanks latest silver earrings


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