This is Me!

My good pal Amy over at While Wearing Heels is doing a series of linky parties with the theme, "This is Me."

As you might expect, the idea is to post a self-portrait which you then link up at her monthly party.

And I have to admit, this is a little out of my comfort zone (because I don't usually post pictures of people on my blog).

Oh there's the occasional sighting of my kids and/or husband, like in this little gem...

...but for the most part I stick to photographs of things.  

Sometimes it's good to step out of one's comfort zone, though, so I present to you my first, "This is Me" self portrait.  February's theme is your reflection.

Somebody's car needs a washing...

And yes, Amy also posted a picture just like this but, truth be told, of all the reflection-pictures I took this month, I liked this one the best.  So there you have it:  this is me.

Want to link up to the party yourself?  Check out Amy's blog here:

While Wearing Heels



  1. You are such a pretty lady, Elena! :) Love your pic.

  2. I LOVE IT! I love seeing your pretty face. You look like a movie star with those sunglasses on. I am so glad you decided to get in front of the camera. Thanks so much for participating!!!

  3. I love it Elena! I'm trying to get my nerve up to do this! You did a great job!

  4. Great portrait! And the little speech bubble is soooo cute!

  5. Oh, I love it, Elena! "Nice to meet you and family! :) Happy weekend!

  6. What a great blog meme - we never take enough pictures of ourselves. Great pics - both of them!

  7. It's a great reflection pic, it felt kind of odd doing this months theme, interesting to see how everyone did theirs.

  8. Your family in a frame portrait is a wonderful idea, so fun!

  9. I really need to do this and support my friend Amy. It really is a great idea. Too bad I cannot stand how I look right now. Maybe in 20 pounds ...

    You look fabulous. And if you think your car needs a washing, you should see mine. I think it's silver ... can't remember ...

    :) Linda

  10. Love it! I adore Amy, and I think this is a great idea:)


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