Success! (Well, sort of... okay, not really)

So in this post I told you the story of my latest craft fail...

I assumed the problem was my paper stencils, so I decided to try vinyl instead...

Unfortunately, when I went to remove the stencils, the ink peeled off right along with them.  I'm determined to get it right, however, so I'm going to try again, this time with plain old Sharpie.  

But in the interim?  

Well, when I made the stencils, these little number stickers remained.  So I stuck them on my dish so I have something to aspire to.  Hopefully the finished project will look a little something like this...

I still have no idea what I'm going to do with it (which has my husband wondering why I keep trying) but now it's just a matter of stubbornness.

I'll let you know who prevails: me, or the dish that is determined to remain all white.  ;)


  1. I so know that feeling of needing to master this one thing because there is no logical reason why it's kicking my butt. My stubborn has taught me a lot of cool things though. ;) Loved this!

  2. I would be the same way and keep trying and trying. It turned out really cute, Elena. :)

  3. Did you take the stencil off before or after the paint dried? I mean, when you paint, for example, walls and use masking tape, you are supposed to take the tape off before the paint dries.

  4. It looks good...so far :). I wonder if you could add a sealing coat over the numbers that would be food safe and protect the numbers as well?

  5. OH girl I'm the same way when a project doesn't go right :). I hope it works out soon!

    I'm your newest follower.

  6. Oh you're better woman than I I would put it away until it decided to play nice. I wonder if a porcelain pen would work for you with the vinyl


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