Cookies in a Spaghetti Canister (Part II)

Are you one of the many (many, many) people who pinned this image from my blog?

Are you, like others, having trouble finding a similar container for your cookies?

I thought I'd address this issue since numerous people have approached me asking where I got mine.   The answer is The Container Store.  Here's the link.

I love that particular container because it's acrylic and less likely to break when little people go reaching for a cookie.  However some people have noted that the acrylic jars are expensive, especially for those who are thinking about giving them out in bulk for Christmas.   For that reason I want to direct everyone's attention to these alternatives from none other than IKEA:

First is the Droppar Jar.   I spotted it on a recent trip to IKEA and while it's not exactly the same as my original, you can't beat the $4.99 price tag.

Also $4.99 is the SLOM Jar.  (Found here.)  It is a little closer to the one I used above but I didn't get a picture.  (6/2013 update: this no longer appears to be in stock at IKEA.)

My original project was a teacher appreciation gift but so many people have embraced it as a Chistmas gift that I wanted to address the matter before the holidays.

If any of you know of another inexpensive source for pasta canisters please feel free to leave a comment.  I'm sure lots of people would appreciate it!


  1. That is a fantastic gift idea, Elena! I love it. Megan

  2. It´s great! Thank you!!! Happy weekend!

  3. How funny. You never know when or why your post will start to get picked up and pinned again. I wouldn't have thought of this as a Christmas gift until now...it's actually quite brilliant!

  4. I saw some containers for a good price at Marshall's this weekend. :)

  5. He he he ... your post inspired me to pin this idea! :)


  6. Do you know how brilliant you are? Seriously! I'm filing this under....."why didn't I think of that." :)

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!


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