A Quick Project

A few weeks ago my bloggy BFF, Amy from While Wearing Heels, sent me a little package for my birthday. In addition to a beautiful handmade lavender sachet, she also included these cute adhesive chalkboard labels.

I couldn't wait to use them, but I wasn't sure how I would use them.  Then I bought a jar of this soup for my daughter...

...and I knew I had found my match:

Don't they look great together?



  1. love!!! I need to get some of those...

  2. So adorable! I love your idea on how to use these, Elena. Amy is seriously the sweetest person ever. ;) Megan

  3. Oh very cute!! :) Have a great week! xo Holly

  4. Elena,

    I have a jar I saved from a pasta sauce and I think that I have some chalkboard labels somewhere :) Great idea!

    Have a wonderful day rock star!

  5. You have such beautiful handwriting. It's strange to actually see your handwriting. Why is it that I imagine your handwriting is Arial font :). What a great use of the labels and reuse of the jar.

    Your post made me smile from ear to ear. Thank you!

  6. Do you have to have a special paper to do these? I have a cricut I could cut some with but don't know what kind of paper I need.

  7. You have such beautiful . Do you know i buy special paper?... I love your blog you have a New follówer from Chile

    1. You can buy the labels here: http://www.staples.com/Martha-Stewart-Home-Office-with-Avery-Chalkboard-Labels-Flourish-2-1-2/product_366165

  8. Great idea, I love using old things, and giving them new life. ;o)

  9. My sister just did this same thing with her jars. I had never thought of doing that before! I was thinking today that since I have regular flour, bread flour and white wheat flour and they kind of all look the same, I should probably do this too! Hers weren't all so neat and cute. Found you at chic and crafty party.

  10. I love Amy. I love chalkboard labels. I love that Amy sent you adorable chalkboard labels!


  11. Love the chalkboard labels - where on earth did she find them! Joining from Shine On Fridays - http://allthoseartsygirls.blogspot.com/

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  13. WOW! This looks extremely easy! Where did you buy your chalkboard labels from?

    Thanks again for linking up for Craft With What You've Got!

    Danielle at Framed Frosting


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