Seen in Palm Springs

Our trip to Palm Springs has come to an end.  Before I put it behind me I wanted to post some more pictures from around town (with an emphasis on mid century modern and other vintage finds).  As I mentioned here our visit happened to coincide with Palm Springs Modernism Week and that seems to have influenced a lot of what I photographed.

The neighborhood in which we stayed was filled with older homes, many of which would be characterized as "mid century modern."  I loved the one below because of its bright yellow door.

I also liked the vintage light fixture.  I later saw one just like it in a shop downtown:

Speaking of which, my sister-in-law and I had a lot of fun in the vintage (and thrift) shops.  One thrift shop had stacks of these programs from the Bob Hope Desert Classic.  (Beware: fuzzy iphone pics ahead.)

They also had several calendars from Tru-Color Photo Studios.  This one was from the 1940's and the wedding picture looks a lot like my grandparents'.  

Fast forward 40 years to a LIFE magazine from 1985.  
(I remember 1985 way too well for this to be considered vintage.)
(But it is.)

An antique store had these cute mugs.  (I almost walked home with them but managed to show some restraint.  I don't really need any more mugs.)

The same antique store had these cute plates with an atomic pattern:

And this amazing Lucite lamp.  (For a mere $800.)

Walking through town I spied these great chairs sitting outside of a vintage store.

 A little further down the road I saw these cute dollhouse-sized reproductions (apologies for the window glare):

This artist designed ceramic trays with images of classic mid century modern furniture on them:

Here are the trays.  I'm regretting not buying one.

He also had a line of trays featuring classic mid century houses.  I didn't get a picture of the trays but here's his brochure.  I'm seriously thinking about framing it...

In honor of Modernism Week, fun things were popping up all over Palm Springs.  Like the pop-up store selling these:

And the pop-up galleries displaying these: 

(Yup, those are light fixtures made from vintage mixer parts.  I know, awesome, right?)

Sigh.  So long Palm Springs.  Until next year...


  1. Hi Elena! Just stopping by to catch up. Sounds (and looks) like you had a wonderful trip. I love all of your photos from the shops and galleries and I applaud your restraint when it came to those trays and mugs. :~) Framing the artist's brochure is an excellent idea. You'll have a new piece of art that's also a reminder of a great trip!

  2. LOVE! Maybe I should visit the west coast? Thanks for stopping by my blog--I love visitors. mainly because I'm old and don't get out much. I am following!

  3. I forgot to mention the one thing I did buy: These towels, which are now for sale in my etsy shop:

  4. Wow! Must have been quite a trip! Such unique stuff! Loved looking at it:)

  5. I love palm springs. We live in San Diego and try to get out there a few times a year. Great recap :)


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