Mid-Century Mecca

A few months ago my brother and his wife invited us to share a house with them in Palm Springs.  I thought people might enjoy a sneak peek, especially considering the current popularity of mid-century modern decor.

The house is in the Movie Colony Neighborhood of Palm Springs, "where the stars lived and played!"

Come on in and take a peek.  (I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.)  Here's the street:

And the house...

The view when you walk in:

Let's check out that seating a little closer, shall we?

Seating for 22 around a fire pit?  Don't mind if I do..
Perhaps someone can make me a drink at the bar cart?

Or a snack in the kitchen.  (Love the stone wall...)

The pool is kidney-shaped (natch!)

And a fine selection of mid-century reading material is available:

Fun touches abound, like the black tile in this bathroom:

The mirror frame and vanity in this one:

The sunken shower in this one:

And the faux mother-of--pearl blinds pictured here (close-up below):

And if all this weren't enough to quench a girl's thirst for 1950's decor, we happen to be here smack in the middle of this!  (One of their double-decker tour buses drove past the house earlier.)

I'll definitely keep you posted on all of my fun discoveries!


  1. That is wild! Hope you have a wonderful time lounging alongside that kidney shaped pool and conversing with 21 of your closest friends around that fire pit!



  2. What a cool post! Like visiting the stars. I'm your newest follower, btw. Hope you'll stop by my blog when you get a chance.

  3. How cool! I loved this. Thanks for sharing. I am glad you joined my newbie party. Please add my link to your post so that others know about it too.

  4. Love it!
    You should send a link to Pam over at RetroRenovation.com

    Bet her readers would love it!

    ~ Dana

  5. You left a lovely note on our blog so I came by to visit yours. Such a cool entry on this mid century house. Thanks for sharing.

    btw, we are following you now on linky followers. :D

    Eldarose from http://RE-inventedstyle.blogspot.com

  6. How lucky you are to be able stay in a house that brings us all back to that era. I love it! I also enjoyed your post on your earlier years. I also moved often (very very often) as a child and no, my father wasn't in the military either. I can so relate when someone asks me where I grew up. I am following you on the linky followers blog hop. Please hop over to my blog and maybe follow back.

    My Turn (for us)


    Thanks, I so enjoyed the visit.

  7. I can see the Rat Pack gathering, drinking martinis, smoking cigarettes and cheating on their partners. :)

    I'm your newest follower. Please stop by and say hi.

  8. Very Cool! Reminds me of my childhood.

    I am your newest GFC & Linky Follower from the Linky Follower Party Hop.



  9. What a cool house. You are lucky to get to stay in Palms Springs for a bit. It's beautiful there, and such nice temperature. I had lovely times there.


    I am actually coming to your site re. the FOLLOWER linky blog hop. *** I am now following you **** Will you follow me back?? *** Thank you so much when you do.

    PLUS: There is also a party on our blog, where you can feature 'your best creative work'. There are some great projects to see already, but we want to see your work!

    Anyhow, use this link both to FOLLOW and to PARTY:

    Hope to seeing you around!!
    Have a happy, creative day!

  10. Wow! Lucky girl for sure. I think a lot of us bloggers would love to be included in that group of 21 around the fire pit.

    Stopping over from the newbie party and I love you blog. I'm your newest member!
    I'd love for you to stop by and check out my blog too!


  11. Loooove this house! It looks as though it should be a set for "Mad Men." What a hoot it must have been to live in it for a while.


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