Easy Raspberry Brownie Bites

Want to know a secret?

I am a cheater.  

It's true.  I'm a Cheater McCheaty Pants.  

Don't worry, it's nothing sinister.  I'm not cheating elderly people out of their social security checks or anything like that.

It's just that... well... I'm the kind of gal who wants all the glory and none (okay, very little of) the work.  

Is that so wrong?

Those beautiful little confections you see above?  Those are a prime example.  Easiest thing in the world to make but, when I do, people act like I'm some kind of genius.  

So to atone for the sin of cheating, I'm going to do something incredibly kind and selfless:  I'm going to share my "recipe" with you.  

(Okay, truth be told I already shared this recipe with you back in 2012.  You can find that HERE.  So why am I sharing it again?  Because I've made it even easier than before.)

And now you too, can be the belle of the potluck (without even breaking a sweat).

(You're welcome.)

Okay, first thing you need to do is gather the following "ingredients":

One container of pre-made brownie bites (found at most grocery stores including Costco)

One jar of seedless raspberry jam (whichever brand you'd like)

One container of raspberries (washed and dried)

One bar of milk or dark chocolate (which will ultimately be broken up and melted in the microwave)

One bar of white chocolate, also melted (I often have to go to the baking aisle for this)

In order to make those five ingredients...

... look like this....

... just watch the video below:

And now you can be a cheater just like me!

Again, you're welcome.  



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