Bottle Brush Snow Globe

The holidays are approaching and I've been busy!

(Which is why you haven't seen much of me lately...)

But here's a little peek at one of the items I've been creating in my crafting lair (aka the garage):

The big one is in a pickle jar.

Because you know I like using those one gallon pickle jars:

...and the little one is in a Bonne Maman jar (because it would just be sinful to throw one of those away).

I got my bottle brush trees at Michael's where they were 40% off (hollah!) but if you don't have a Michael's nearby, you can purchase an assortment HERE.

I added a little lettering with my Silhouette and filled the bottom with epsom salts and glitter.

I think the finished product will make a nice centerpiece on my dining room table.

Although maybe I should just keep it in the garage.  (At least there I can appreciate it...)


  1. so cute! I can never think of any mason jar things to do. I just use them for storing food. How boring!

  2. I am not sure when it happened but I have completely fallen in love with bottle brush trees. I've added a few to my holiday decor this year but I didn't realize I could find even more at Michaels. I think I know what I'll be doing tomorrow. I love this sweet little project of yours. And, I am glad to see that even though you have been busy, you are still making a bit of time for crafting. You have been missed.

  3. so cute ! i shared the link here : http://www.pinterest.com/lemondedis2/christmas-diy/

  4. Just got some of those trees and was wondering about what to use for "snow". Thanks!

  5. So cute! I just made one with a little tree and snow...simple but cute! :) Have a lovely week! xo Holly

  6. I love this idea! It´s so cute! :)

  7. We just made a few of these out of items we found at the dollar store! So creative.

  8. Were did you get the lettering for the one Id like to get some and have no idea where to look for it thanks

    1. Kimberly, I made those letters using my Silhouette which is a machine that cuts paper, vinyl, etc. If you'd like, I could do a custom listing for you in my etsy shop (https://www.etsy.com/shop/acasarella). I'd charge you $8 for the same lettering you see here, plus $125 shipping. Let me know if you're interested.--Elena

  9. These are great! I really need to start using my Silhouette more often.


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