Googly-Eyed Door Monster

Check out the impulse buy I made at Michael's today.

I saw them just as I was swinging around the corner to check out. That's right: giant googly eyes!

Not buying them was simply not an option.

(Especially since they were staring at me so longingly.)

They have adhesive backing just like the little googly eyes do, but I decided to tape them on my window instead.  Then I added cardstock behind them to make it look like they belong to a big green monster.

Wouldn't you know that out of all of my Halloween decorations, the cheapest, easiest and fastest is probably my favorite.

Story of my life...

(Don't have a Michael's nearby?  You can buy similar eyes HERE.)




  1. I totally love it :) Much better than the Chucky dolls my neighbors have hanging out in their windows, that's for sure!

  2. I saw a pair of giant googly eyes on a pumpkin and thought...where in the world did they find those. Michaels...brilliant. Love your door. Though, it leaves me feeling as if I am being watched :)


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