DIY "Chalkboard" Runner for Halloween

Oh, Halloween!

You are so full of... sugar.

And I like sugar; don't get me wrong.  But I also recognize the benefit of getting a little protein (and perhaps a vegetable or two) down my daughters' throats before sending them out to collect their sugary bounty.

The trick, as I'm sure you can imagine, is getting two excited girls to sit still long enough to consume that healthier fare.

In past years I've discovered that a festive Halloween table is just the thing to get them to slow down and eat before trick-or-treating.

This year's table will be set with something that I love: a "chalkboard runner."

I got the idea from The Paper Source, a store that makes me drool despite (or perhaps even because of) the cost of its wares.

It's those exorbitant prices that got me thinking outside the box: how could I make my own chalkboard runner for less than $35 (+shipping)?

The answer (for me) was black bulletin board paper.  Available at any teacher supply store, black bulletin board paper is significantly less expensive than the Paper Source's product.   (This roll from Amazon is only $2.90 for 12 ft.)

Just roll it out on your table, and then decorate it however you like.  I'm not so great at the chalk lettering so I went pretty simple: I used a chalk pencil (buy yours HERE) to outline the rectangular "placemats."  Then I added some simple lettering and a few cobwebs.  I followed that up with white plastic spiders, Halloween candles, and paper plates from the dollar store.

I really like the effect and think it will definitely inspire my kids to sit awhile (well, at least long enough to eat a vegetable or two...)

(And if I leave the pencils out for the kids to doodle with, I bet I can get them to stick around even longer!)

Happy Halloween, everyone!



  1. This is such a fun idea, it would work for parties and even the Xmas table :)

  2. I love this! So clever! (And wouldn't the kids love to colour all over it once Halloween is over?!?)

  3. Oh what a great idea. I love how festive your table looks. I want to come over and doodle too!


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