The Midas Touch

Have you heard the news?

In the blogosphere, gold is the new burlap.

More popular than paint chips, or chalkboard paint, or (dare I say it?) even mason jars...   

Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but gold (be it in home decor or fashion) has become quite popular.  

And while I don't necessarily embrace every trend I see, I am totally down with the gold.  

Exhibit A is this $1 plastic elephant that I found at the thrift store.  A few coats of spray paint and, voila!, instant decorative accessory!  

Exhibit B?  Shells from a recent trip displayed in a gold-lidded mason jar:  

Look closely and you'll notice that I painted a few of the shells gold to tie the whole display together.

Spray painted shells have been kind of a "thing" for me lately.

Last week my daughter and I made "silver" earrings out of painted shells.

This week I sprayed some of my larger shells gold...

...with a surprise pop of turquoise on the flip side:

I am absolutely loving the way this one turned out.

The last of my recent gold projects is Pinterest-inspired, and I totally "cheated" when I made mine.  It's a "Miniature Mounted Menagerie".

If you visit the original source (found HERE), you can read all about how she painstakingly cut the plastic animals in half to make her display.

I'll admit, I've always loved this project, but the thought of cutting the animals in half kept me from doing it.  (Knowing me I'd probably lose a finger in the process.)

But then I found the magnets pictured above.  (You can buy your own set by clicking HERE.)  I simply paired them with this metal display board (purchased for about $2.00 on clearance at a local shop) and I had myself a knock-off mounted menagerie.

With gold heads, of course, because that's how I roll these days ;)



  1. This is awesome! You know I lurrrve gold. And this animal specimen art piece is fabulous!

    (Plus, the hidden bits of gold in the seashells is genius!)

  2. You are totally kicking butt on the gold theme! What you've done is great I love the blue inside the shell too nice touch :) I have joined the gold bandwagon and bought myself a shiny gold apple from Typo for the kitchen, Ill be sure to add a few more gold touches here and there to the kitchen in the coming weeks ... I just cant help myself :)

  3. So neat!! Thanks for sharing! :) Have a great day! xo Holly

  4. I love your little menagerie! I really like gold. :)

  5. Love it, pinned it, shared it!!!

    Thanks for linking up at the party,
    <3 Christina @ I Gotta Create!

  6. Holy cow...I mean elephant :). This is adorable. My goodness you have been busy. I love everything about this!

  7. I have totally been wanting to break out the spray paint and gold up some plastic animals. You have me especially inspired. That elephant is marvelous, and so is your menagerie! I'm loving it all. Thanks for sharing!

  8. These are all great ideas!! I love the idea of painting unexpected things a shiny color :)


  9. I like the touch of gold on the seashells and the magnets too! and I perfectly understand what you mean by "cutting off one of your fingers in the process" I would have done the same. Thank You for sharing this ideas. I came over to visit you from Craftionary party.
    Have a great weekend,

  10. Loving all your gold accessories. I'm with Tara- the gold shells peeking out of the jar is a genius idea!

  11. LOVE the gold elephant!!! I'm hunting for just the right one to paint myself!

  12. Hi, may I ask what paint you used for the turquoise on the shell?
    Thank you

  13. I'm with Erin – would love to know what turquoise paint you used on the shell. Almost looks like a single coat of nail polish that pooled at the bottom. Love your blog and your creativity! Thanks.


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