Pottery Barn or The 99 Cent Store? You be the Judge.

Found this at the 99 Cent Store yesterday... 

Is it my imagination, or does it look an awful lot like this (from Pottery Barn)?

(Right down to the rooster and the "County Fair"?)

Well even if it weren't identical to the five-times-pricier-Pottery-Barn version (which is totally is), I would still love it.

Because with these, you can do fun things like this:

Taken at my daughter's birthday party.  Read more about that here.

And at a dollar apiece I wasn't missing out on that!

(So I might have bought them all.)

Find any good bargains lately?  Feel free to share them in the comments!



  1. Love them! I'm going to have to get some of these. Love your party place cards too.

  2. Cute! We don't have 99 cent stores...wonder if I might find them at Dollar Tree.

  3. The $ tree does have some great glasses there...I bought some wine glasses and i love them!

  4. Ack! A mason jar mug .... you know I'll be scooping some up at my Dollar store! Was it Dollar Tree (fingers crossed) ...

    :) Linda

  5. I want a dozen of these!!


  6. Do you think they're dishwasher safe? I saw the ones at PB but was reluctant because they said "hand wash" in their instructions. Here's hoping the 99cent ones will hold up to the good ole DW- I really want a set! :) Great find!

  7. LOVE THIS!! I'm a major mason jar fan.

  8. Love a good deal especially when they can be used at good party! Adorable.

  9. I always hate it when I am late to the party. As soon as I read about some great item at the Dollar Store or similar types, I rush over, but never find anything. I guess I need to get out more.


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