Song Lyric Canvas Art

And now for another edition of, "Inspired by Pinterest."  One of the many (many, many, many) Pinterest-inspired projects that I have been wanting to try is based on this pin, which is from a blog called, "SPARKLE."

She used foam stickers, paint and several canvases to make a cute collection of snowflake pictures.  And ever since I saw it, that idea has been in the back of my mind as something I wanted to try.  The idea made its way to the front of my mind when I spotted these cool stickers in the checkout lane at TJ Maxx:

At $1.49, I helped myself to three packs.

I wanted to make some more art for my daughter's room (since the last few items were such a big hit).    

My older daughter is a huge Taylor Swift fan (HUGE) so I decided to make her a Taylor Swift song lyric canvas.  

I began by searching the internet for Taylor Swift lyrics.  It took me awhile to find something that I liked, but I finally found one from a song called "The Best Day," which seems to be an ode to Taylor's parents.

The last line of the song really resonated with me.  Although the lyric was written from a daughter to her mother, it could just as easily work the other way around.  It reads:

And I didn't know if you knew so I'm takin' this chance to say that I had the best day with you today.

Once I had my quote, I had to figure out how to put it on the canvas. First I measured the letter-stickers to get a rough idea of their height and width.  Then I drew a grid on the canvas using those measurements as a guide.

After that I played with the quote.  I only had space for eighteen characters per line, so I needed to divide up the words with that in mind.  (I did this by typing it out in Word and then dividing it in different ways, using the character count feature to help me along.)

The end result was this:

After I had the letters where I wanted them, I erased the grid the best I could.

Finally, I spray painted the whole thing white to cover up the grid and give the entire picture a seamless look:

My daughter actually jumped up and down when I gave it to her so I think I did a good job!

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  1. By that reaction you definately did a good job :) I love this type of art and the white on white looks great too. Nice work!

  2. I can see why your daughter jumped up and down when she saw this. It's beautiful. Simple and meaningful. Job well done my friend :)

  3. LOVE this idea. So many variations you could do with it. Thanks for sharing your awesome project!

  4. Love this idea! Thanks! I purchased some of these puff letters and haven't used them yet, so this gives me an idea! Thanks!
    Ardis McPherson - sadiescove@yahoo.com

  5. This is really pretty. I love it's simplistic beauty. Definitely would add this into my home. I think it's a project I could even include my 2 year old in. :)

  6. That is such a great idea! And the possibilities are endless with quotes too.

  7. That's seriously cool. I pinned it - I must do one myself. What fun to find some favorite lyrics to use.

  8. Great idea! Love how it turned out.

  9. Love this! So, so, so pretty and simple! Would love it if you would link this up to Give Me The Goods Monday: 1 Party, 5 Blogs! http://www.rainonatinroof.com/2013/04/give-me-goods-link-party-6.html
    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  10. This is so pretty and what a sweet sentiment ~ awesome!

    Mary Beth

  11. ohhh how sweet! yep, I'd say you did a good job mom! jumping up and down is a definite positive!

  12. It's awesome! I am pinning! Sky is the limit I'd say!

    ~Laurie @ Vin'yet Etc.

  13. So cute!! Great idea Elena!

  14. The canvases made by using foam stickers, paint and several canvases to make a cute collection of snowflake pictures are stupendous. The lyrics picked by you for canvas art of Taylor are also all time my favorite and I like your lyrics canvas art very much. personalized family canvas art

  15. I love this! I never would have thought of the white on white but I really love how it looks.

  16. Stellar idea, and I really like the tone-on-tone.


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