(Antique) Elves on the Shelf

I can practically hear you.

She's gone insane.

Seventeen elves on the shelf?!?

It's hard enough to remember to move one.

Don't worry.

They may look like elves on a shelf.  

They are, in fact, elves sitting on a shelf.  

(Well, really a mantle, but who's keeping track?)

But these little guys didn't come from Target or Barnes & Noble.

Nor were they sent here by Santa to spy on my kids.

These elves came from my mother and father-in-law.

(Who had them on their tree(s) for decades.)

And when they downsized a few years ago, the elves needed a home.

So now they live with us.  

But they never get into mischief.  

(And that's okay with my girls.)

(And very okay with me.)




  1. I don't know....they look pretty suspicious to me!! (Cute too!)

  2. I love that you have 17 elves all that have history. How wonderful they found a home with you. And, I agree with Danni, they look like they can be naughty...maybe only while you are sleeping

  3. They are so cute! I love the history behind everyone's decorations.

  4. So cute!! I just picked one up the other day! :) :) xo HOlly

  5. Oh my goodness, lucky you! How fun to have all of those elves! They look adorable on your mantel too. I love how you have them posed. It's easy to imagine that they're just waiting for you to turn your back!



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