Nothing but Net

... dot.net, that is.

That's right.  I recently made a little change to the blog.  Thanks to my brother, a software engineer who is kind of the bomb, `a casarella's new URL is:

You can omit the "www" if you want.

(We like to keep it casual around here...)

If you're used to typing in my old blogspot domain, don't worry.  Through the magic of the internet you will be automatically redirected to the new address.

And just to keep things neat and tidy, my email has also changed.  You can now reach me at elena@acasarella.net.

I feel like such a big girl blogger.

Thanks, Bro!




  1. Look at you! I am so proud of you. What a great way to make your announcement. 'A Casarella is going places :)

  2. Congratulations! I was feeling all grown up with my new blog design, but now you've made me think about growing up a little more!


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