Last week I was driving by the Salvation Army when it occurred to me, "Why am I driving by the Salvation Army?  Why am I not stopping the car and going in for a little peek?"  After all, my thrift-store-averse daughters were back in school.  Why wouldn't I go?

Well I'm glad I followed that instinct because, guess what?  It was half-price day.  (I couldn't afford not to shop ;)

The first thing I spotted was worth a picture... but not worth the $695 (!) price tag.  (Of course it was half-price day, but a $347.50 accordion is still an accordion.  And I don't need an accordion.)


And in case you were wondering, I did check ebay to find out what one might sell for.  I couldn't find this exact brand so it's anyone's guess if this price was a good one.  I will say that people list old accordions for lots of money on ebay.  However, if you check the completed listings you will find that the overwhelming majority of them go unsold.  So, yeah.  I left it behind.  

Also left behind?  This side table.  

I can't remember the price but it wasn't much--especially at 50% off.  I was imagining it either refinished or painted.  The truth is that I just don't have a place for it, though, so I had to walk away.

But I didn't leave empty handed.  Oh nosiree.

What did I come home with?

For starters I got a giant punch bowl.  It needs a good cleaning as do the 12 glasses and ladle that came with it.  I have been on the hunt for a big punchbowl ever since I encountered this at a bridal shower:

Although I already have a perfectly serviceable punch bowl, I've been obsessed with finding one large enough to accommodate a bundt cake shaped ice cube.  (Because bundt cake shaped ice cubes are awesome!)   Mission accomplished.  I probably wouldn't have bought it at its original price of $20, but for $10 I was all over it.  Pictures will follow in a later post, I'm sure.

The purchase I am most giddy about is this set of card catalog file drawers (Price: $4.50 total):

At first I wasn't sure what they were.  Then I opened them up.  As a librarian's daughter, I recognized them right away.

Oh the potential!

They had clearly already been repurposed by the previous owners for use in a workshop or garage.  I suspect the paint job isn't original either as all the ones I see on the internet are painted black, grey or a sort of industrial green.

I am envisioning them spray painted a crisp white (or possibly aqua) with shiny chrome hardware.

But here is where I must make a confession.  And this isn't easy for me to put out there.  I might get my blogger's license revoked for this one.  Heck, I may never be allowed on Pinterest again.

But here goes:

I am an awful spray painter.

Whew!  It feels good to get that off my chest.  Does anyone know of a support group?  Or at the very least can one of you awesome spray painters give a sister some tips?  I used to think it was my lack of patience that was the problem.  Then I tried a few more projects.  I used thin even coats and waited between them.  I sanded things and prepped them.    I did everything I was supposed to do.  But it didn't matter.   My paint-jobs always end up bubbly and... just bad.

So if any of you awesome spray painters have some advice I'd love to hear it.

Better yet, you could just come over and do it for me.

I'll serve punch :)


  1. I love your finds! The best spray painting post I've seen is by Centsational Girl http://www.centsationalgirl.com/2010/10/spray-paint-faqs/

    I've spray painted a lot of items, and trust me it's pretty easy! You can do it.


  2. Oh and I so wanted a post of you playing an accordian! As for the spray painting..here are my few tips. (I just posted a vase I spray painted if you want to check out my work before you take my advice.) First and foremost...do not spray paint when it's humid. You should spray about 6-8" away from where what you are painting. Next...start by holding the spray button down and spray just to the side of what you are spraying, moving slowly across what you are painting so that you are not starting or ending directly on the project. Last, but maybe should have been first...get good spray paint. I like Valspar you can get it from Lowe's. That's all I got. Good luck!

  3. I desperately want to thrift with you. Can you believe, my mom used to play an accordian? It was in a hall closet growing up. I can't believe you found a card catalog for $5. I am jealous! And, I have spray painting issues too:(

  4. That card catalog is so fun and how serendipitous for a librarian's daughter to find it! And the spray paint job can be fun too. 1) Wear a paint mask 2) Wear a pair of disposable plastic gloves 3) Use a great spray paint and follow the temperature range listed on the can ... each brand varies a bit. 4) Clean the surface at least a day before you plan to spray to ensure the surface is dry.

    Everyone has their own fav paint; I only use Rust-Oleum UNIVERSAL Paint & Primer In One, Any Surface, Any Angle paint. The can will spray upside down if you have to get under an object and it always produces such a fine mist that it is like an airbrush. The Gloss has a great sheen and the Matte is gorgeous if you want a retro vibe. Little more expensive than other brands ... worth it.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

    Robin @ happilyhomeafter.blogspot.com

  5. So glad you walked past that $695 accordion!! Talk about thrift shop remorse -if you would have bought it that is! That red card catalog is the steal of the century and I want one! Good luck with your spray painting and share your tips with me (I need them too)!

  6. I have a hard time passing up a thrift store myself. You never know what treasures you will find. Last week I found two beautiful leather purses, one was $2.50 and the other was $3.00!


  7. The red card cabinet is fabulous!!!!I wouldn't spray paint it because I love the red but white or turquoise would be pretty too. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of OZ today.

  8. You still did very well on this stop. I visit a lot of different places, but rarely buy anything.

  9. You know what? I really like that red card cabinet too. I want a craft space, so I am definitely going to be keeping my eye out. I have passed on similar items (I don't think this big, though) before. You got it for a great price!

    I'll have to join the group too, I think. & I used to be a tagger..

  10. Wow I am amazed what you can find at your thrift store. Ours never has anything like it. Great finds. Love the red on the file drawers though.

    1. You are not alone about the red. Everyone seems to love the color. It just won't work where I want to put them...

  11. The red card cabinet rocks. Thanx for sharing over at THT!

  12. I hate the idea of spray paint too! Fumes, mess....ick. I love the card catalog!!

  13. oohhhh that red card catalogue drawer! packs a punch! pow!


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