Be our guest! Be our guest!

...Put our service to the test
Tie your napkin 'round your neck, cherie
And we'll provide the rest...

Did you read that in your best Disney voice?


Because this week's been all about the hospitality.

And Disney.  

(As in Disneyland.)

You see, this week is spring break for my kiddos.  

And while one kiddo is off on an adventure with her aunt, the other one needed a little somethin' to keep her occupied.

And that's where living in Southern California comes in handy.  Hop in the old minivan and you can be at Disney in under two hours.  Seriously.  Handy.  

And though we're back at home now, today I'll be accepting a little more hospitality.  

This time it will be from The Frugal Girls where I'm doing a guest post.  It's my first time guest posting and I'm really excited to be sharing a recipe that I love:  

Mediterranean Chicken. 

So, not to be inhospitable or anything...

But, why are you still here?!  



  1. The chicken looks amazing! We are heading to the mouse house some time next week, I think! You are right, being in So Cal comes in handy!!
    Have a great week Elena!

  2. OMG Elena - that looks so tasty! You are the queen of go-to dinners. I'm going to add this one to my paint-chip calendar right now. xoxo,L

    1. It's really flavorful. Everyone likes it (except L. who will tell
      you, "I don't like Mediterranean chicken. Or his cousin Mediterranean

    2. Linda, I'm trying to determine if replying from here generates an email to you. If you get an email of this message, let me know. Thx. xoxo


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