Pi Day Mini Pies

So guess what today is?

Yup.  It's Pi Day.

You know: Pi Day!  3/14 (and in this case 3/14/15).  It's the day we eat pie to celebrate the number Pi (3.1415 etc., etc.)

Oh you forgot too?

I'm so glad I'm not alone.

Too bad everyone else in this house remembered.

(Because now they all want pie.)

Good thing I can think outside the box in a crisis.  

(Yes, a lack of pie on Pi Day does in fact constitute a crisis. )

But a boxed pie crust, a jar of jam, and a round cookie cutter saved the day.

Because now everyone is feasting on mini-jam pies.
And I'm off the hook until 3/14/16.

(Hopefully then I will be more prepared.)


  1. Super fun! Glad you were able to avoid a crisis!! :)

  2. So cute! And easy! Love them!!! Happy Pi Day my friend! :) Linda

  3. These look way too cute to eat .... just kidding nomnomnom!!!

  4. You just made my belly grumble :)

    Looks delicious. The beautiful pictures help!


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