Lightening the Background on Your Craft Photos

Today I'm trying something a little bit different.  Typically when I do tutorials I do them in a written, step-by-step format.  This time, since my tutorial is computer-related, I thought I would do a video. If you happen to watch it, I would love to get your feedback. 




  1. Um, brilliant!!! I would have never thought to do that. And had no idea you could brush with it like that too! I'll be trying this out!

    :) Linda

  2. Great tutorial! I don't play around much in the touch up section, so I never thought to use the eye brightener tool that way.

  3. Elena! I loved hearing your voice. What a great tutorial. You were so well spoken and articulate.

  4. Oooh, I'm going to try this! Thanks!

  5. I use PicMonkey too, but did not know you could do that! fantastic! thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Suzanne! I hope it works out well for you!

  6. Great tip, I haven't thought of using the 'eye brighten' tool for this.
    I discovered the 'highlights' tool at the bottom ( just before the clone tool) works too for lightening the background.
    In the 'Effects' menus, the 'dodge' tool lightens, but this is a more gradual lightening that you can build up - a bit slower, but more control & the 'Burn' tool darkens, which is really handy for re-darkening areas that have faded too much (without affecting the white) with the lightening process. PickMonkey have a tutorial showing how to use this :)


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