People Freaking LOVE Painted Dinosaurs

So it turns out that people just love painted plastic dinosaurs.

Who knew?

When I posted these little lovelies earlier in the week I expected people to be underwhelmed. 

After all, as far as I was concerned they had been done to death.

Boy was I wrong.  

Within minutes of posting them on Instagram and Facebook the messages came pouring in:

"How can I get a one of those?"

"I need one of those immediately!"

...and my personal favorite:

"I want a KEY Rex!"

I am happy to report that now you too can own a dinosaur key chain!  Just check out my etsy shop to buy your very own.  


And while I wait for those orders to come pouring in, I'm having even more fun with painted dinosaurs.  

Check out this cute ring holder:

To make it I bought an inexpensive hobnail dish at Michael's.

Then I added dots of gold on the hobnails with a Sharpie Oil Based Paint Pen.

Finally I glued a painted dinosaur in the middle of the dish.

Seriously, isn't he the cutest thing ever?  I think he looks a little like this Loch Ness Monster in the shot below:

I'm thinking about adding the dishes to my shop as well.  I'd love your feedback on that.  




  1. That is ADORABLE. You are bringing dinosaurs back in style :)

  2. I fell in love with your little painted dinosaurs the minute I saw them!!! Absolutely sell them and the adorable ring dish on Etsy!!! So super cute, my talented friend!

    :) Linda

  3. These are too too cute!

  4. Loving your dinosaurs Elena visit: www.cafepress.com.au/thedinosaurkidcollection and/or www.facebook.com/thedinosaurkidcollection. So much for actual paintings of dinosaurs lol!


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