How to Wrap an E-Card

... in three easy steps!

E-cards make great gifts and for my daughter's last birthday a dear friend sent her one via my email address.

It is always so sweet when friends and family from afar remember my kids on their birthdays.  For that reason, I wanted the e-card pack the same punch as the the prettily wrapped presents purchased here in town.  My solution?

1.  I printed out the e-card.

2. I rolled it up and inserted it in a tissue tube.

3.  I wrapped it with tissue paper and twine.

The end result was a gift that looked as good on the outside as it did on the inside.  :)



  1. How lovely! And a wonderful cute way of doing it!! Thanks for sharing!! :) Have a happy week! xo Holly

  2. What a lovely effort to go to, making an ordinary e-card a pretty and exciting package.


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