Trader Joe's Three Ingredient Lentil Dip

Happy New Year, everyone!

For my first post of the new year I'm sharing my latest obsession:  this ridiculously easy, incredibly delicious lentil dip made from three simple ingredients.   I first tasted it at a neighborhood potluck.  One of my neighbors brought it to share and everyone was raving.  (She had been given the recipe by another neighbor--because that's the type of recipe this is: the kind that goes "viral" at a neighborhood potluck.)

As soon as I tasted it, I knew I would be making it again soon and wouldn't you know that I made it about four times over the holiday break.

And each and every time I did, people raved.  

And then they went off to make their own.  

And wow their friends.

(Who then made their own... you see where this is going, right?)

With all of this sharing and raving and wowing there was no way I wasn't going to blog about it.  After doing a little research I determined that the recipe originated with the people at Trader Joe's.  It's one of those recipes they make in the store and give out as a sample.  I figured they wouldn't  mind my sharing it given the fact that you will need to go to TJ's to buy the ingredients.  (Seriously, get the car keys right now.)

Speaking of the ingredients, there they are pictured below.  

Yup, that's it:  a pack of refrigerated lentils, a container of Bruschetta sauce, and a container of crumbled Feta.

There's no cooking involved.  (Heck, there's barely any thinking involved.)

Just open your lentils and dump them in a bowl.

Then add the Bruschetta...

Stir to combine...

Add Feta (to taste--you can use the whole container or less depending on how Feta-y you like things).

Combine the Feta with the other ingredients and you're done.


And the best part is that it is delicious.

It's like crack.

(But with more fiber!)

Which reminds me, you can serve it with any type of cracker you'd like.  I've used pita chips, rosemary crisps... pretty much anything that gets the dip from the bowl into your mouth will work.

(You can even eat it straight out of the bowl with a fork... not that I've done that or anything.  I've just heard people talk about it.)

Okay, so you can go to Trader Joe's now.  But when you get back and try the dip you need to leave me a comment and let me know what you think.



  1. Hmm...you've definitely got my attention. I'm a fan of dips and fiber :). Sounds delicious. I'll wait until we thaw out and then I'll definitely be heading out for the ingredients!

  2. I like making my own dips but usually cant be bothered blitzing and blending them up! But this one looks easy enough to be bothered with! Healthy too with the lentils :)

  3. That does sound delicious! I'll be pinning this... :)

  4. this looks good and sounds good - I will be making a trip to TJs soon!

  5. I make this *same* dip and it's amazing! I think it must be jumping from Southern to Northern California:)

  6. yum

    healthy and tasty!

    would love for you to share
    at Fridays Unfolded this week!


  7. I stumbled upon this recipe today and just made it - one word - INCREDIBLE. I accidentally got the other TJ's Bruschetta (in the jar) and it worked just as well. I can't wait to snack on this for the next few days or include it in a fun sandwich for lunch. Thanks!

    1. Ooh! I'm going to have to try it out with the jarred bruschetta. It would be nice to have that on hand in a lentil dip emergency ;)

  8. This is an old post but I had to share my neighborhood version of this. The bruschetta, the lentils and garbanzo beans , drained. So excellent with pita chips!


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