Photo Props for Christmas Cards

So, I don't want to brag or anything, but get this:

My Christmas cards are DONE.  

That's right, done-zo!

As in complete, finished, and ready to be mailed.

(Dont hate me; I'm not always this with it.)

In fact, there's actually a downside to this year's with-it-ness...

It's that I didn't think to make these fun photo props until after I had ordered my cards.

Bummer for me, but possibly not for you.

To make your own you'll need a Silhouette, a few pieces of cardstock, a little hot glue, and some lollipop sticks.  (Buy yours HERE.)

Don't have a Silhouette?

No problem!  Below are links to free printables I found on the internet.  Simply print them from your computer and cut them out.

Oh Happy Day
Talk Crafty to Me
Simple Simon & Co.
Cora Mae Design
Melinda's Musings
Online Labels

...and then you can be with it just like me!



  1. What fun photo props. Beautiful girls, beautiful pictures.

    I hope I'll make your Christmas card list again this year. I'll be waiting by my mailbox :)

  2. Bragging is definately allowed with cuties like that! Very cool idea :)

  3. Those are cute and look like they'd be alot of fun!! :) Happy December! xo Holly

  4. These props are awesome! We always need fun and fresh ideas for our annual Christmas Eve party.. our family can get kind of stuffy and stuck in a rut, so I hope these will liven them up this year. Thank you so much for the idea and for sharing on the Frugal Girls!

  5. Really cute photo props, thanks for mentioning us in your post. Have a Merry Christmas :)


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