Mason Jar Bank

Just a quick post this morning...

A little "project" that took me all of five minutes to finish.

(Does it count as a project if it only took five minutes?)

Here's the tutorial... are you ready?

  1. Take a mason jar.
  2. Switch out the regular lid for one with a coin slot.  (Buy that HERE.)
  3. Use your Silhouette to make a label.  (You know I love labels.)
  4. Place in laundry room to collect loose change.

And I know I promised not to mention it again (like two posts ago) but if you were a person who, say, didn't have a mason jar or a Silhouette or a coin lid, would you be interested in buying something like this in my etsy shop?  (Just curious...)

You can check out other (more extensive) mason jar projects HERE and HERE.


Great News!  I am now selling the lids for these jars in my etsy shop.  You can buy them HERE.



  1. Very cute! Sometimes it's the simple things that really catch on. I bet it would sell in your Etsy shop.

  2. How stinking cute!!! Can I feature on the mason jar blog next month? Please, please, please ...

    :) Linda

  3. Adorable. Whose change did you snag for the bank :)

  4. Im all for 5 minute projects! You have given me the idea I should move my coin jar to the laundry because thats where most of the coins come from, emptying pockets!

  5. I love it! So simple and stylish! (I'm getting ideas over here!)

  6. What a neat idea!! I'm sorry I missed it earlier.


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