A Trip to Architectural Salvage

Yesterday I checked Architectural Salvage of San Diego off of my "shopping bucket list."

Given my love of thrift stores and flea markets it should come as no surprise that this store appealed to me....

Sadly, it's hard to incorporate such rustic touches into my California tract home. (Which is not to say that I didn't make a few purchases.)

Everywhere you looked there were fun collections to rummage through.  (How great is the green, rotating display?  You may recall that I lusted after something similar at the Rose Bowl Flea back in October...)

And how about these old grates?  I could almost imagine taking a few, cleaning them up, painting them, and making a gallery wall of sorts.

There were also horseshoes...

Industrial-sized spools...

Ceiling tile pins...

And lots of old letters!

(I love old letters.)

And check out all of these vintage locks...

I'm not quite sure what one would do with a box full of shoe form fragments...

Or mannequin feet!

(Though they would go nicely with the collection of hands I found at the Rose Bow Flea Market.)

The selection of old windows was to die for.  

Not sure what you would do with an old window?  Check out this Hometalk Board for some great ideas!

This one was particularly stunning...

There were many other fun things to gaze upon...

This place had everything but the kitchen sink.

Um, scratch that.

For my final image, I present you with "Patina," the official store cat who snoozes happily on her well-loved stuffed animal while crazy ladies with cameras roam the store.

If you're interested in knowing more about Architectural Salvage of San Diego or visiting yourself, check out their web page HERE.

And you might want to bring your camera.  (Patina is ready for another close-up.)



  1. WOW...that looks like an amazing place, Elena. I love all those grates. :)

  2. I have to say, the grates caught my eye too. I would like them "as is" though.

  3. I didn't even know this place existed in San Diego. Thank you for enlightening me. What I like best about this post is the number of photos.
    I particularly liked the photo with all the keys in it. I have been attracted to keys for a couple years, and wore one on a necklace for a while. During a particularly difficult year in business, I needed something to grasp as a reminder that the key to my happiness is my family, and not the people I was dealing with.

    Fortunately that stressful period is over but I still like the idea of creating something out of keys as a reminder -- a shadow box maybe??

  4. I haven't been to Architectural Salvage in years, but it looks like they still have some awesome stuff! Thanks for reminding me about a treasure in my own backyard!

  5. Those marque letters are amazing and for $8. Wow! I need to show my husband this post so we can arrange to thrift there and then grab an In N Out burger and then see one of your beautiful sunsets :)

  6. I am pea green! There is nothing like this place where I live! I would be lost in there forever looking around...although the feet are pretty creepy! Found you on the Upcycle It community...happily following along now! :)

  7. So what did you buy? So many great items - I can't imagine how you decided!



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