For the Love of Labels

If there's one thing the people who love me and live with me can tell you, it's that I enjoy labeling things.  I have, in fact, become the butt of many a family joke as a result.  (If you look closely at the image above you will notice that my husband has labeled the label maker for me.)  Buy your own label maker by clicking HERE.

But that hasn't stopped me from putting my mark on just about anything worth marking.  From the shoe baskets...

...and hat baskets in the closet...

...to the shelves in the pantry, few areas have escaped my wrath.

It should come as no surprise, then, that when I received my Silhouette for Christmas I would regard it as a kind of label maker on steroids.  (You can check one out HERE.)

Look what I was able to do with my Silhouette, some vinyl and some painter's tape:

These are the drawers in my "craft room" (aka my corner of the garage).  And yes, they make me happy every time I walk past them.  Buy your own drawers HERE.

Totally worth the ribbing, don't you think?

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  1. WOW. You are one organized lady. I am impressed. If you ever do make it back to Chicago, bring your label maker, I'll be putting you to work :)

  2. You are so funny, Elena. It sure it hard not to want to label everything once I got my silhouette too! :)

  3. Now I know how to arrange my stuff and you are great when it comes to giving ideas.

  4. I’m jealous of your label makers! It keeps everything so organized.

  5. The "toppers" label elicited a huge smile from me ... that was our first Beagle's name -- Topper!

    :) Linda

  6. I love labels too! I wish I had a Silhouette - it looks like it makes great labels!

  7. LOVE that the label maker is labeled. That is awesome.

  8. I am as guilty of hyper-labelling as the next OCD patient. When we moved into our new house, the light switches were so confusing that I labelled them. That was five years ago, and although I took some abuse the first few months, they labels are still there and the jokers are still using them. :-)

    1. Oh my! I may have OCD too. When we built our house 1984 the main (not master) bath had a " whirlpool tub" installed . Our son was wrestling and hubby had some arthritis. This was our splurge! I had two switches on one plate across from the tub. One was the ceiling vent and the other was for the tub motor. I labeled it "whirlpool" on one of those 1/4 inch plastic reel labelers, and put it on the switch plate. It is still there! We didn't call them jets back then.

  9. What size are your organizing containers and the size of the entire unit?

  10. What size are your organizing containers and the size of the entire unit?

  11. I've been looking like containers like these! Where ever did you find them? Thanks!

  12. I have a colored drawer "organizer" and I'm always forgetting what is actually in the 9 different drawers. Using vinyl letters would be such a great way for me to know what is in each drawer so I didn't have to open all of them to find my stamps.
    I liked your idea so much I linked to it in my post about my favorite 15 DIY Craft Supply Organization ideas. I would love for you to check it out!


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