Happy (Thrifty) Valentine's Day

The theme of our holiday this year?  "Use what you've got!"

Step one:  Customize sugar cookies (from a tube) with a clean stamp.  (Inspired by the lovely Karianne at Thistlewood Farm.  Go here for further instructions...)

Step two:  Place said cookies in a brown paper bag embellished with baker's twine, stamps, and a heart punch.

Step three:  Bring to school and watch the classmates smile.

And for my own little Valentines?  Conversation hearts in a mason jar that has been jazzed up with--wait for it--baker's twine, scrapbook paper, and a label from the office supply store.

The only items I had to buy for these projects?  The cookie dough and the conversation hearts.

I love a thrifty Valentine's Day!

Have a great one!



  1. Great ideas, Elena. I love the cookies. ;) Great job using what you got!

  2. Cute ideas!! Happy Valentine's Day! xx Holly

  3. Oh, Elena, you are such a creative and beautiful woman! I love this idea :) Happy San Valentín :)

  4. Elena - what great ideas! You are so creative. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Stamping the cookies is such a brilliant idea!!


  6. I would never have thought to do that! I love it! And you know I love using what you have!

  7. Love all these pictures. They looks so festive...as if they just came out of a magazine. You are wowing me lately. Cute and thrifty valentines as well. You certainly make mason jars look adorable.

  8. Stamping the cookies? Brilliant! I'm pinning this to remember later. The possibilities are endless.

  9. Awesome idea! I love this and will definitely be trying it with my girls!

  10. A fun and simple idea - gotta love when it looks creative and it didn't take a ton of effort!

  11. I love the stamp on the cookie dough! Great idea!

  12. You go girl! I think it looks amazing! And you know I am the queen of using what you have!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

  13. Oh how clever with the stamp - and they look great!

  14. Ahhh what a super cute idea!

    Stopping by from Pin Me.

    Alexis from Running Away? I'll help you pack!

  15. Hi there! I saw your project on the Bower Power Linky Party. I never would have thought to use stamps for cookies!!! Also, your pictures are fantastic!! I'm from 'View From the Fridge', and we got a note about a Liebster Award . . . which I'm passing on to you. I think your stuff is so fun and creative! I really have no idea what this award is all about, but thought I'd play along . . . can't hurt. Check it out if you're interested (if not, we won't be offended :)).


    Have a good weekend!

    Steph and Katie


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