Gumdrop Wreath

Here's a little project from my pre-blogging days.

Which explains the lack of a tutorial...

...and the so-so picture.

(Okay, it doesn't explain the so-so picture.  My so-so photography skills explain that...)

I loved this project because it kept my then five and eight-year-olds occupied for a couple of hours at the beginning of Christmas break.  (You moms out there know that that's a gift in and of itself!)

To make it you'll need:
  • A foam wreath--you can even make your own from a pool noodle  (See Pinterest.)
  • Miniature gumdrops
  • Toothpicks, broken in half
Stick one end of the toothpick into the gumdrop, plunge the other end into your wreath and, voila!,  tasty holiday decoration.  

Those of you who live in cooler climates can even hang it on your door.  (Those of us who live in San Diego would be inviting a host of pests if we did that so I just displayed mine in the foyer.  ;)




  1. That looks delicious :). You could also use this for a themed party decoration. What a fun project. I think between Grace and my naughty dog, not many gumdrops would make it to the wreath or stay on the wreath for that matter :)

  2. This looks fantastic, Elena. It also looks delicious. When I was little we made gum drop trees with my mom. We always loved seeing who would try to eat off of them at the holiday parties over the years. They were always shocked when they were rock hard. :)

  3. Oh, It´s fantastic and delicious! Happy weekend!

  4. I dont need a tudorial ... I just want to eat it! That looks fantastic you guys did a great job :) Bet it didnt last long until little bits of gumdrops went missing though right?!

  5. I am doing this project this year. It looks so pretty plus I want to see if my children actually stay occupied for hours.

    1. If you're willing to look the other way while they eat the crafting supplies they'll go at it for a long time ;)

  6. I wonder if you used spray-on mod podge if you could hang it in warmer climates without ending up with an ant wreath....it's still in the 60's during the day here but I would love to make this with Dyl!


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