After my last post a number of folks wanted to know why I didn't buy anything at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  Rest assured, friends, I did not leave empty handed; I just thought I'd wait a bit to reveal my purchases.

Admittedly, most of the things I bought were small items to use in different craft projects.  (Case in point: the $1 upholstery samples that I framed here.)  Today's offering is no exception.

As you might remember, the flea market was filled with old signs.  (Seen here and here.)  There were also lots of booths selling individual letters.  One seller told me that he got them from a demo company that dismantled old buildings.  (I was sure I had taken pictures but I can't seem to find them so maybe not.)  Since I had just finished doing my own letter project, I wasn't planning to purchase any more but then these little fellows caught my eye:

Aren't they pretty?  They're about six inches tall and made out of some sort wood (or perhaps really sturdy cardboard) that's been covered with a thin layer of something mettalic (ish).

They were only a fifty cents apiece so I decided to grab three for my kitchen.

A few days later I bought some of these "ceramic block" magnets at Lowe's.  There were lots of magnets to choose from.  I picked these because they're skinny and I thought they would fit well on the back of the letters.

 So I got home, flipped them over...

...and discovered that, yes indeed, the magnets fit perfectly on the back.  (I attached them with hot glue.)

And here they are in their new home on the side of my fridge.  (The front is not magnetic which can be both a blessing and a curse.)

My husband suggested that after dinner we rearrange them like this...

To which I suggested that we move to England.  (So we could arrange them like this...)

Yeah.. it's a laugh a minute around here...  ;)


  1. You are so smart :). I have EAT in my kitchen too. I love the letters. Glad you didn't pass them up. They are definitely a statement piece any way you spell it :)

  2. Im still impressed you can get 3 words out of those 3 letters - very clever arnet you! And they look great, what a bargain :)

  3. These are so cute, Elena! They looks great!

  4. Those letters look great and obviously you and your husband have good sense of humor! Nice project Elena!

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  6. Thanks for sharing at Restyled Sundays. I love how the little things like this make our decorating more fun and personal.

  7. hahaha! I love that your husband rearranged them! That is so what mine would do ...


    Okay, I'm done stalking your blog for the morning. I have some real work that I need to get too ... and that clearly I'm avoiding!

    Have a fabulous day!


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