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Consider this a public service announcement from me.

If you despise the act of picture hanging as much as I do, fear not!  I am here to recommend two products which have changed my world.  Okay, maybe not my whole world.  Just the little-bitty part that revolves around picture-hanging.  (I told you this wouldn't be a blog about changing the world!)

Seriously, though, picture hanging can be a real drag.

That's why I love these!  they're called "Monkey Hooks" and they're a freaking miracle.

I first found them in the impulse buy section at Marshall's.  You know what I'm talking about: the retail maze you snake through while you're waiting in line to pay.  As someone who hates to hang pictures I was intrigued so I threw them in my cart.  Good. Move. Elena.  No hammer, no nails, no drills and no drywall hangers.  All you do is twist the pointy end until it pokes through the wall.  Slide it in, flip it around and voila!  A perfectly serviceable hook!  And if you accidentally put it in the wrong place, all you have to do it pull it out.  What's left is a pinprick of a hole in the wall.  I currently have a 25+ lb mirror hanging from two of these babies.  I hung it there over a year ago with no problems whatsoever.  (So far... maybe I should knock on wood?)  

But let's say you don't even want a pinprick in the wall.  Maybe you're in a rental?  Well  I also love these guys:
There are links at the bottom of the page if you'd like to try either one of these products.
I use them for smaller, lighter pictures and they work like a charm.  I should really devote a whole post to my love of Command Products.  My kids love to tease me about it.  (Of course they don't complain when I hang their posters with the Command Poster Strips.  But more about that in another post.) 


  1. Hi Elena, Someone else recommended those picture hanging hooks to me. I couldn't get past the price. So, they're really worth it?

  2. Kim,
    Yes! Like I said, I initially bought them at Marshalls, so they were a bit less expensive than they normally are, but I would totally buy them again! I should also say that if you have plaster walls they might not work (mine are drywall) but if you have drywall (and picture hanging frustrates you), give them a try!
    -- Elena

  3. Love your blog! So nice to be able to follow you on the new Linky tool. Stop by and follow back so we can stay connected. Lori

  4. Hmmmm... I've never seen those hangers. It's a bit late for me since my walls are already full of art. Many pieces have more than one hole behind them.

    One thing I'd like to pass on, is that sewing machine needles pounded in at an angle make good hangers. They leave just a prick of a hole in rental walls that can easily and invisibly be filled.


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