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Recently I wrote a post about our morning routine and, in it, I shared a favorite product: my Nespresso machine.  In that post I referenced a long abandoned blog series about things that make me happy.  (And by things I mean, well, things.  Like stuff.)  And that got me thinking: what other items do I have lurking around the house that the rest of you need to know about?  

The very first item that popped into my head was this Boos Block cutting board.  The reason I thought of it?  Because it's awesome! Every person who encounters it falls in love.  As you can see, this cutting board actually attaches to the corner of my counter, increasing the amount of space I have to work on.  Isn't it great?  Perfect for a small kitchen (assuming it's a small kitchen with a corner).

Another must have kitchen item that I love to share with people?  This multi-dish kitchen timer that my mom gave me for Christmas two years ago.  Funny story:  I admired hers so much as she cooked Christmas Eve dinner that I even took its picture.  Little did I know that she had one waiting underneath the tree for me.  My mama knows her girl.  (And her girl loves kitchen gadgets.)

Below you will find links to these items, as well as several other must-haves for the kitchen.  (That adjustable measuring cup?  Just get one.  You won't be disappointed.)

Cutting Board Corner Counter Saver Cutting Board I am obsessed with this cutting board. If you have an L-shaped counter, you can attach this to the space where the two counters meet. It not only provides a great cutting surface, but it also increases your work space. In addition to being really sturdy, it is also beautiful. People are constantly asking me where I got mine (the answer is Wayfair)! Measuring Cup Good Grip 2 Cup Adjustable Measuring Cup Have you ever tried adding peanut butter to peanut butter cookie dough only to leave half of it behind in the measuring cup? This little gizmo allows you to retrieve every last (perfectly measured out) drop of sticky ingredients like butter, oil, honey, and more (it works kind of like those push pops you used to get from the ice cream man). Now that I have one I don’t know how I lived without it. Multi Event Timer Plan and Prep Multi Event Timer This timer is actually four timers in one. Plus it comes with a small whiteboard (and dry erase marker) so you can keep track of multiple dishes. Anyone who has ever made Thanksgiving dinner knows how brilliant this is!
Cookie Sheet Airbake 3 Piece Natural Aluminum Cookie Sheet Set Last fall I was asked to bake 100 sugar cookies for my daughter's cross country banquet. I knew it was going to be a big job so I decided to invest in new pans. Some quick research revealed that these Airbake cookie sheets are the way to go if you want perfect cookies, and they did not disappoint. If you bake with any kind of regularity, you’ll want to buy these! Tablecloth Jardine Tablecloth Couleur Nature is my favorite brand of table linens. The patterns and colors are gorgeous and I always get compliments when I use them. I bought two of the Jardine tablecloths to use for a huge outdoor party we threw last summer. Then at Christmas I realized that the pattern was just as appropriate for the holidays as it was for summer entertaining. Huge bonus! Milk Frother Aeroccino Plus 4.48 Oz. Milk Frother I recently wrote a blog post about the Nespresso Aeroccino, but my love of this frother is worth another mention.  If you like lattes, you must invest in one! It makes heaps of delicious milk froth with the push of a button (and clean-up is a breeze as well).
Popcorn Popper Hot Air Popcorn Popper Last Christmas I bought my girls this air popper. Little did I know that it would become a family favorite. We probably use it four times a week. Air popped corn is healthy, delicious, and easy to make. We love popping a big bowl after school or on family movie nights.

So now I have to ask you:  do you have a go-to kitchen item that you can't live without?  Is it something I need to know about?  Something I need to own?  If so, please leave me a comment!


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