I'll Eat You Up I Love You So!

How many of you immediately knew the origin of the title of this post?

Well, those of you who did will want to stick around because I have a really fun giveaway for you!

(And those of you who didn't need to go to the library and check out Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.)

Recently, while on Instagram, I happened upon this adorable print from Love Too Design.  

I was immediately taken with it because the quote happens to be something I say to my daughters all the time. 

My daughters, it should be said, are eleven and fifteen, so the fact that we still quote this picture book (on a very regular basis) is a testament to the staying power of Maurice Sendak.

When I made this observation to the ladies at Love Too Design, they sweetly offered to send me a print!   (Which my fifteen-year-old immediately commandeered for her room.  See below.  I have yet to tell my eleven-year-old about this development.)

The best part is that they also sent me another copy to give away!  This would be a perfect item for decorating a nursery or playroom.  

In order to win:

I will pick one winner at random and make the announcement on Instagram tomorrow (4/7/16) morning.

Good luck!

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