Nonni's Italian Easter Bread

Hello internet!  It's been awhile—but that's a story for another time. Today, well, today I'm here to discuss something far more important than my absence:


No, no, not carb-cutting or any insanity like that.  I'm talking about carbs you should consume.  For Easter.  (Because they are delicious.)

Specifically, I want to share this recipe for my grandmother's Italian Easter Bread.   If you arrived here by searching for Italian Easter Bread then you likely know what it is and should probably just strap on your apron and get to work.  However, if you have never heard of Italian Easter Bread... well, you should still strap on your apron and get to work.  (Because this here is good stuff.)  AND it's my Nonni's recipe.  (And Nonni knew her way around the kitchen.)  AND she would have been 105 yesterday (so we kind of owe it to her to give it a try, no?)

The one pictured below was made by my mom last Easter.   And in case you were wondering, you can definitely color the eggs.  Just remember that you place the eggs into the dough raw, and then they cook along with the bread.  So if you're dyeing hard boiled eggs at the same time, just make sure you keep them separate (or someone might be in for a surprise).

Click HERE for a printable version of the recipe.

Buona Pasqua, everyone!

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