Back-to-school means Back to ME!

Yesterday my daughters had their first day of school which, as any mom can tell you, means that I spent the last week or so shopping for sweaters, glue sticks, and backpacks.

With those purchases complete, my friends at Wayfair posed an interesting question:  now that the kids were back to school, what was I going to do to get back to me?


What a novel concept!

It's been a long time since I've given any thought to me.  

(Sixty-nine days, actually.  Summer vacation was 69 days this year.  Not that I counted or anything.)

And although it had been awhile, I knew exactly how to get "back to me." 


I started dabbling in yoga last September and I loved it!  I kept at it pretty faithfully until June when—surprise, surprise—the kids got out of school.  

Now that they're back, though, I'm ready to get my downward dog on—and you can too! 

Check out these great products from Wayfair to help you get back to you!  


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