Happy Mail

After spending a week in the frozen tundra otherwise known as Milwaukee, I came home to some really fun mail that I just have to share.

The first came from my friend, Melanie, also know as Hamlet the Piggy's Human.  Not familiar with Hamlet?  He's a mini micro pig with one of the hottest instagram accounts out there.  (Click HERE to marvel at the cuteness.)

Knowing that my entire family enjoys Hamlet—and that I love anything with beautiful lettering—Melanie was thoughtful enough to send us these beautiful postcards featuring Hamlet herself.

Mel and Hammy have also started a new blog which you can check out HERE.

The second piece of happy mail that arrived during my absence was actually addressed to my daughters.  Each one received a Sugarwish from their Aunt.  Not familiar with Sugarwish?  I wrote about them back in December 2012 when they were just getting started.  (See that post HERE.)  They've grown quite a bit since then and have really upped their game with the introduction of these adorable dolls.

Each doll comes with an instruction card.  Inside the doll's purse there is a special code which you enter at udeservecandy.com.  From there the recipient chooses her (or his) favorite candy, which is delivered by mail.  It is an adorable idea, just perfect for that hard-to-shop-for person in your life.

(And you don't have to send a doll; you can also send someone their Sugarwish via email.  That way it's instantaneous—for those pesky last minute gifts—which might just come in handy next Saturday, hint, hint...)

As was the case last time I wrote about Sugarwish, neither they nor Hammy sponsored this post.  I just wanted to share a little bit of awesome with the world.



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