Gumball Machine Halloween Costume

Halloween is coming, and I am proud to say that, unlike last year, this year our costumes are finished early.  

This is due in large part to the fact that my girls chose easy costumes (and for the first time ever, they are wearing the same thing).

That's right, it's a bubblegum machine (inspired by the one pictured here), and if you are need of an easy, homemade costume, there is still plenty of time to make one yourself.

I should probably begin by saying that my methods were extremely imprecise.  I did a lot of eyeballing and estimating (which made the whole process very laid back and pleasant—remember folks, it's just Halloween).

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As you can see below, I began by tracing a large bowl on a plain white tee shirt in order to get a nice circle.  Thankfully I had her try it on before I began adding the "gumballs" because once I did it was obvious that the circle was way too low on the shirt.  (The picture below is of the first circle.  I ultimately positioned it about two inches higher.)  So, dear readers, learn from my mistakes and have your child try the shirt on before sketching the outline of your machine.  

When that's done simply hot glue 1.5" pompoms to the shirt until you've filled the space. Notice that you don't need to fill in the whole circle.  Rather, when your child is trying on the shirt, draw a straight line across the shirt at the waist line.  This is where the bottom half of the costume (the "apron") will meet the gumballs.

 For the bottom of the machine I took a large piece of red felt, sketched out an apron, and cut it out with fabric scissors.  That's right, this is a no-sew costume (because I am a no-sew mom).

Next I took an 8.5x11" sheet of gray felt and glued it to the apron.  Then I drew a knob and the numbers free-hand and cut them out.   I glued the "25" to a small square of white felt (also drawn free-hand) and hot glued that square and the smaller black one (representing the hole where the gum comes out) on to the gray felt.

After that I added red leggings for my younger daughter and a red skirt for my older one.  Red felt berets (buy HERE) finish off the look.

If a bubblegum machine isn't quite what you have in mind, check out these costumes from years past:

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Happy Halloween, everyone!
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