Keep Track of Earrings While Traveling

Here's a little storage solution I came up with before a recent trip.

(It's not exactly earth shattering, but sometimes it's the little things that excite people.)

While packing, I couldn't find the small silk pouch in which I usually store my earrings.   I didn't have a ton of time to search so here's what I came up with as a temporary solution:

1.  Poke earrings through a piece of scrap fabric.
2.  Attach the earring backs.
3.  Roll up the fabric and tie with a piece of string.  

I was able to keep this little bundle with me in my purse and it helped me keep track of the earrings I wasn't wearing for the duration of my stay.  

Like I said, not exactly earth shattering, but definitely handy in a pinch.  



  1. This is brilliant! I think I am going to use this idea but expand on it and hem up the sides and use it at home. Better organized than throwing them in a jewelry box and easier than putting them on a jewelry tree. I am so happy that I found your blog. :)

  2. Oh, what a great idea. Simple yet brilliant :)


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