Chalk Board Wrapping Paper

Next week I'm hosting my second annual Holiday Wrapping Party.

In an effort to keep things fresh, I'm trying to come up with new and interesting gift wrap ideas.

For this reason I've decided to take my love of black kraft paper to the next level.

Using a roll of black Kraft (or bulletin board) paper and a white chalk marker from the $1 Spot at Target, I've created this fun "chalkboard" wrapping paper.

Check back for more holiday wrapping ideas when I debut my curated collection of DIY gift wrap on Looksi later this month.



  1. Oh what a perfect and lovely idea!! Thanks for sharing!! I've been wanting some chalk board papers but they are kind of pricey...this is wonderful! :) Happy sweet week! xo Holly

  2. I love this so different, you wouldnt think black would be very Christmassy but against the red decor it really does look awesome!

  3. I wish I lived closer, your gift wrapping parties sound like so much fun. Love this chalk board version...now what's inside :)


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