Introducing LooksiBite!

Although `a casarella tends to focus on crafty things, I do occasionally like to throw in a recipe for flavor.

(Pun intended.)

The very first recipe I ever posted was for crockpot stuffed peppers.

And since people seemed to like those, I was then inspired to share this recipe for "Mediterranean Chicken."

And of course if you're going to share dinner recipes, it's only fair that you share dessert as well.

How about a raspberry brownie cake?  

(I have two to choose from.)

Or perhaps cookies are more your thing?

Well, if these are the types of posts that attract your attention, allow me to introduce you to my newest addiction: LooksiBite.

LooksiBite, like its sister site LooksiSquare, is a submission-based website. But instead of sharing crafts, people go to LooksiBite to share mouthwatering photos from fabulous recipes.

Now, technically the site doesn't launch for another five days.

(Kind of a disappointment, I know.)

But lucky for you, you know people in high places!

(Yes, I'm referring to me.  Stop laughing.)

As an early submitter to LooksiBite (as well as a big-huge-fan), I'm inviting you to take a sneak peek right now!  (You can even submit your own images if you have some.)

Just follow this link and enjoy!


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  1. I remember all of your delicious recipes oh so well. Yum. I've pinned most of them. They still leave me drooling :)


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