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UPDATE (8/12/14)
I am sad to report that Etsy has asked me to remove my wedding kits.  Apparently they don't meet their criteria since the contents within the jars are not homemade.  
Thanks for understanding.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a girl (fine, a middle aged woman) started a blog.  Starting the blog was a New Year's resolution, but there were two other resolutions that went with it:  one was that she would learn to use her camera.  The fancy one.  (The one with all the weird symbols on it.)  The other was that she would open an Etsy shop.

Technically speaking, she kept all three resolutions:  The blog has been chugging along.  She took a intro to photography class.  And she opened the Etsy shop.

Kind of.

By "kind of" I mean that she stocked it with one item and then forgot about it.  That item sat in the store until the listing expired and then quietly faded away.

She's hoping that won't happen this time around.  The woman (okay, me--it was me) has reopened the Etsy shop, this time with something handmade:

It's a wedding day emergency kit.  In a mason jar, of course.  It would make a great shower gift.  :)

Stop by the shop and check it out.

I hope to add some vintage items soon as well.



  1. How exciting! I've already hearted or favored this item. I hope you get many, many sales. And, I can't wait to see some vintage finds!

  2. The wedding kit is a cute idea :-) I've got the blog going and the camera figured out (sort of) - now I need to get my Etsy shop up and running :-) Good luck with yours, and don't forget about it!

  3. How exciting!! Going to take a peak, and can't wait to see more and vintage! :) Wishing you a lovely day! xo Holly

  4. Congrats! That is such a cute idea! :) I've already favorited it on Etsy! :)

  5. This is beautiful Elena! I just got a camera and need to figure it out too! Congrats on the opening of your new shop!

  6. Second times the charm! Good luck with it such a unique idea Im sure they'll be selling like hot cakes :)

  7. I love this Elena, I wish I had one on my wedding day, but what a great gift idea!!!Pinned, for sure :)

  8. How exciting, Elena! Hopefully this is the first listing of many! :)

  9. Congratulations, Elena! The little wedding kit in a jar has been one of my favorite projects of yours. I bet it ~and all the variations of it~ will be a big hit!

    <3 Christina @ I Gotta Create!

  10. Good luck with the Etsy shop, this is a great gift idea! Can't wait to see what else you come up with. =) (Pinning!)

  11. This is such a great idea! Good luck with everything! ~ Angie

  12. I too started a blog, wanted to learn how to take better photographs and wanted to start an Etsy shop. The blog is going well, my husband bought a new camera that makes photography easier, but I have yet to start the Etsy shop. I am using you for inspiration.

  13. Love this Elena! Sharing it later tonight (8ish) on FB. :) xoxo

  14. Hi ~ do you still sell these? Do you list the ingredients of the jar somewhere?

  15. sorry forgot my email :)


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