My Succulent Obsession

So it's no secret that I'm a woman who loves herself some succulents.

I mean, I've only written about a thousand succulent posts in my fifteen months of blogging.

Okay fine, maybe not a thousand.

All right, all right.


It was four posts.

But they were extremely effusive.

(Perhaps overly effusive.)

Some might even say it was a thousand-posts-worth of effusiveness.

If you don't believe me you can read them yourself: here and here and here and here.

See, I told you.  Effusive.

And a love like that, well, it just needs to be shared, you know?

Which is why I decided to whip up a little inspirational clipboard on Hometalk.

(And if you think I'm effusive over succulents just wait until you hear my feelings about Hometalk.)

No, seriously.  If you're interested in home decorating, gardening, organizing, crafting, DIY, or anything vaguely resembling these topics, you need to join Hometalk ASAP.  It's an amazing place to get inspiration.

What's that you say?  You go to Pinterest for inspiration?  Well, that's just fine and dandy, but on Hometalk you can also ask questions.  (And people will answer them!)  Beyond that you can share your  own projects.  It doesn't matter if you're a blogger or a designer or a barista at Starbucks.  If you have any interest in things pertaining to "home," Hometalk is a welcoming community full of tips and ideas that you won't want to miss.

Which brings me back to the succulents.  You see, I'm not the only succulent-obsessed Hometalker.  Oh no.  There are dozens of us.  And using Hometalk's clipboard feature I was able to take a bunch of my favorite succulent posts from Hometalk and put them in one, handy place.

So, if you're a lover of succulents (or you just want to check out Hometalk) follow this link or click the image above to view the clipboard I've affectionately named, "My Succulent Obsession."


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  1. Very cool! Going to check out hometalk now!

  2. I love it, Elena! Thank you for sharing! You have the best succulent ideas!

  3. Your clipboard is perfection! I had no idea there were so many succulent projects. :)

    Have an awesome day rockstar!

  4. Yes, your love of succulents is no secret :). Glad you have a new venue to express your love of them.

  5. I just posted a Fairy Garden and someone told me succulents make great plants for them. I'm going to check out your board and see what ideas I can get! Love Hometalk...and your succulent posts!

  6. I want some succulents so bad!

    Jillian - http://epic-thread.blogspot.com

  7. Elena - I love me some succulents as well (though I'm just learning about them, and how NOT to over-water them! Whoops!). Hometalk is also a rad place to hang out. I've got a few clipboards in their infant-stages. :)


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