The Top Ten Things That Make Me Happy (#2)

Did you think I forgot about this little series?  No way!

After a small break for a dear friend's wedding I am back with installment two.

So what's the second item that makes me happy?  (Remember, these are in random order...)  Well, that would be my Roomba.


Unfamiliar with the Roomba?  Basically, it's a little robot that vacuums for you.  (In other words, it's awesome.)

That is my actual Roomba pictured above.  You can see that he's a bit care-worn but that's just a testament to how much I rely upon him.  (Yes, I did just refer to my vacuum as a "him."  The urge to anthropomorphize one's Roomba is almost irresistible.  Ask any Roomba owner.)

Now, I should probably take a moment to make some disclaimers.  The first is that Roomba is not my only vacuum.  I also have a Dyson for heavy duty cleaning.  That gets pulled out every week or two.  Roomba, however, is used on a daily basis.  I love turning him on before I leave the house only to find, upon my return, that he has parked himself on his charger when the room is finished.

The second disclaimer is that I don't always love Roomba.  You see, every so often the little guy will malfunction.  Usually it's a maintenance issue: he needs his brushes removed and cleaned, etc., and that I can handle.  But on one occasion I wasn't able to fix him and that was little traumatic.  (The best way to describe my reaction would be that of a woman scorned.  I felt positively betrayed when Roomba stopped working and even banished him to the garage.)  Thankfully my husband took pity on me--and on Roomba-- and ordered a new part for the little guy.  So now he's back up, working, and in my good graces (so much so that I had to include him on this list).

So that's it: item number two.  Stay tuned for item number three, coming soon!



  1. Poor little Roomba. Perhaps he thought you were taking him for granted and had broke down to remind you how much you love and need him :). He must feel very special to be given an entire post. Does it work on carpet?

    1. Yes! He goes from my carpet to my tile and does an equally good job on both.

  2. My my good friend has named hers Rhonda and I think they have a very close relationship. :)
    Need to get one of my own!

  3. Oh I have always wanted one of those! Glad to hear someone loves it and gives it a pretty good review!

  4. I feel in love with R2D2 on the silver screen so I could totally get hung up on a Roomba. Good to read that it transitions between different flooring surfaces well since we have hardwood, tile, and oriental carpets all on one floor. I've thought about this little guy before and now maybe again. Hope you're having a great summer.

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  6. Of course, I had to search your blog and read about your love affair with your Roomba. My Robbie and I are very happy to together. He's yet to malfunction, but he's still a young lad.


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