A Pinterest Kind of Day

Today was the last day of school for my daughters.

My little one has a summer birthday.  Her teacher, recognizing that summer birthday kids miss out on certain rituals, invited the summer birthday kids to bring in birthday treats during the last month of school.

My daughter asked to go on the last day.

Due to new(ish) food safety rules, all treats must be store-bought.  My daughter chose to bring in doughnuts.  The pinner in me dies a little whenever I have to bring store-bought treats to school.  (So many cute cupcakes pinned and no reason to make them...)

To ease my pain I decided to hop on the Washi tape bandwagon and whip up some Pinterest-inspired Washi tape flags so I could decorate the doughnuts.

Pin found here.  Original source here.

And that made me feel all better!  :)  

(Plus, my daughter really liked them.) 

(Because apparently things aren't always about me...)

But the day wasn't over yet!

There's also another daughter and that one is now a fifth grade graduate.  To celebrate, one of her friends had a small pool party after school and everyone brought something.

Our choice?  These Pinterest-inspired chocolate graduation caps:

Pin here.  Source here.  Her source here.

 Three simple ingredients:

I simply attached a square of chocolate on to a peanut butter cup using a dollop of frosting as glue.

Then I attempted to create tassles with the same frosting.  (I never really mastered the tassles, but since people could tell what they were, I considered it a win.)

So there you have it:  a Pinterest-inspired day!

What Pinterest-inspired projects have you made lately?


  1. now I'm hungry again... Nice job on the treats!!!

  2. Adorable. I love the semi homemade approach with the doughnuts. Brilliant and cool! The graduation caps were adorable. I'll have to check out what you've been pinning recently to try and figure out what you'll pin and try next time :)

  3. You are the best mom ever! Will you please come to my house and decorate my donuts and make me some super cute graduation caps out of Reeses cups (my favorite) ...

    Hope you're having a super fun school is out weekend with Beyonce ...




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