Peanut Butter Chocolate Pizza Pie

If you happen to be one of my followers on Pinterest you might have noticed a theme within my Food & Recipes board.  The theme?  Chocolate and peanut butter.  And as much as I enjoy that combo, those pins really aren't for me.  Nope, those pins are for my husband, a certified peanut-butter-and-chocolate-fiend.  In fact, I'm seriously considering creating a spin-off board just for those creations.

So when my daughters wanted to make something special for daddy for Father's Day (something of the peanut butter and chocolate variety), we moseyed on over to Pinterest to get some chocolate & peanut butter-covered inspiration.

Since it was Father's Day (and my husband is their father and not mine) I left them to pick the recipe.  I couldn't wait to see what they chose.  Would it be this? Or thisOr thisOr this? Or this? Or this?


It wouldn't be any of them.  

(Because seven and eleven-year-olds have minds of their own.)

They decided that they wanted to make a "Peanut Butter Chocolate Pizza Pie".  

But we didn't have a pin for that.  

(Because they made it up.)  

So, it was time to get creative.

First we searched Pinterest for a peanut butter cookie recipe.  This one was repinned about 900 times so I decided it would probably be good.  You can find the recipe here.

Then we searched for a peanut butter frosting recipe and found this.  Over a thousand repins?  Yup. You'll do.  (Original recipe here.)

So we whipped up the cookies and baked them in a big pan.  We did NOT bake them long enough.  If I were to do this again I would have left them in much longer than the recipe said (b/c the recipe was for individual cookies, not one big pan).  Fortunately my husband does not mind gooey cookies.  (Really gooey cookies.)

The we made the peanut butter frosting.  (And let me just say, it deserved over a thousand repins.  Yumm-o!)

Every good pizza needs toppings, right?

After frosting the mammoth cookie, we sprinkled on the chips and, voila!, a Peanut Butter Chocolate Pizza Pie is born!

And yes.  It does taste as good as it looks.  Even undercooked.  ;)



  1. Hey, who put their peanut butter in my chocolate? What a great father's day gift that the kids were able to help prepare. Did it satisfy his peanut butter chocolate taste buds?

  2. That looks amazing!! I love that combo! Megan

  3. Um. Yum. And I totally understand how two little girls didn't want to do what everyone else does but do something original ...

    I see two future bloggers ...



  4. I would like to put my face in that...It looks so delicious! I better go eat something...


  5. Hi! Found you on Cow Girl Up! Love the combo of peanut butter and chocolate!

  6. Oh yeah...this is my kind of dessert. Thanks so much for linking it up to the newbie party. Glad you joined in.

  7. speaking my love language! pinning!!! thanks for linking with Kids in the Kitchen!

  8. YUM! I love peanut butter too. Thanks so much for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.

  9. This looks like the perfect summer dessert!

    I would love for you to share it at Mealtime Monday!



  10. This looks so good! My husband would love it! Thanks so much for sharing this project at Naptime Delights! I hope to see you again tomorrow!


  11. This Peanut butter chocolate pizza looks so good!! We love all of these yummy ingredients and toppings, so this is a big hit with us!! We are so glad to have you join us for our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday". We hope you will join us again next week! -The Sisters

  12. I'm going to feature this recipe today! Wahoo! Thanks again for sharing!



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